Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Here!

I am still around but with PT three times a week and a little Diva, who demands my time, I have just been busy! Today I decided to pay some attention to my blog and my house (very neglected)! The house is done so here I am!

PT is going well! I went back to the Ortho on Friday and got to lose the leg brace unless I am on uneven ground! I was so excited to get out of that thing! I think it was hindering me anyway and my Therapist agreed! I now have 106 degrees of flexion and I can walk up a flight of stairs like a normal person! My hamstrings are still weak so I am working hard to improve them! The big news is that I can finally ride the bike! I did 15 minutes yesterday and will up that to 30 today! I am so excited just to be able to feel like I am getting a workout again!

I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge here locally to help me lose and keep me motivated! I have continued to lose during this recovery time but now that I can do a little more, it will help! The challenge is only 10 weeks but will help through the holidays that are quickly approaching.

In other news: the kids are back in school and both doing great! I miss the Moody Teen but he is adjusting to college life well! The Diva loves school and would live there if she could! I am just glad they are both happy!

That's all I've got for now! Talk to y'all soon!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Good With the Bad

We gotta take the good news when we can and take out lumps when we can't. Today was one of those good and bad kind of days.

The good: physical therapy is going great! I can now bend my knee to 96 degrees so they are letting me get on the bike tomorrow! This is one thing I have been working toward since I know, realistically, it will be 6 months until I can run again! The bike is a win for me! Then at my doctor visit for my heart, I found out that I reached my first weight loss goal! Score another point for me! I have lost 2 pant sizes! Go me!

And now the bad: I have no pants that fit and shopping is impossible with the brace on! During my doctor visit she ordered a 2D echo of my heart and is sending me to see a cardiologist to get some answers about this SVT and preventing it. Finally, they told me my blood pressure is low at 104/80! I thought it was good but she said no! Sigh......

I am guessing the blood pressure is a result of losing weight, getting in shape and eating right. But what do I know?

Hope you all have a blessed week and we will talk again soon!

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