Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain and Sick Children

The title says it all (at least I think so)! Today my life is all about rain (again) and sick children, OK, one sick little diva! She has had a cough and runny nose (read: waterfall) for a couple of days and last night she decided to spike a fever! Poor thing tossed and turned and hacked all night! She seems to be better this morning but I am calling the doc when the office opens just to make sure that it is nothing more than a cold (I hope)! She is, however, still very whiny (very, very whiny)! She is also more demanding than normal and telling me "not to talk to her"! Ha! I would love not to talk to her until the attitude clears up but that won't happen!

I called little man's mom to tell her the diva is sick and that she needed to make other arrangements for him unless he was running a fever also and then, what the heck, the more the merrier! I survived both of them yesterday! Two hacking coughs, two runny noses and two 2 hour naps (yeah for me)! I know, I know, I am a sadist to keep a 7 month old in addition to the diva but it is only until the end of May and only 3 days a week! It's all good!! Ha!! I may end up in the loony bin before it is all over!

Well, off to shower and get ready so if the doc's office says "come now", I can leave immediately! I hate rain!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Chance to Win and Lose Weight

So we all know that I am on a get fit quick kick! Is that a tongue twister or what? OK, maybe quick is not the right way to describe it but I am on a kick and I am trying to win some great new prizes that will aid in this quest! The Mom Bloggers Club and Game Crazy have teamed up to give one lucky person a Wii, EA Sports Active, plus a $50 gift certificate to Game Crazy (a $359 value). How cool is that?

Let me tell you about my weight loss story: I have gained and lost the same 60 pounds a lot over the last 20 or so years! I have been skinny and then let myself go back to my old ways! I have been skinny and then got pregnant with the diva and cursed with gestational diabetes so that when I delivered her, I ate everything that I was not allowed to eat while pregnant and gained the weight back! Actually, I went crazy to the point that I could not stop myself from eating! It is sad but true!

I love to workout...............after I get started! While my husband was in Iraq for two tours, I was in the gym everyday because I wanted him to come home to a beautiful and healthy wife! I did weights and cardio every morning and then went to a step class twice a week, not to mention boxing once a week (training only, no fights). I did it for him and I did it for me! Now I find myself back at the beginning of the journey needing to lose the same 60 pounds that have managed to creep back onto my body!

I can't afford the gym and a babysitter for the diva so I need to be able to workout at my own pace and in my own time so I can be home with her! I need to get fit to be a better example to the diva! I want her to know that her Mommy will be here and be healthy and that she needs healthy habits through out her life to be her best! I don't want her to fight the battles that I have fought! I want to give her a fighting chance right from the start!

Are You a Thrill Seeker?

My son and I are particularly fond of theme parks and rides that thrill and chill us! The more twists and turns the better we like it! We are always excited when something new comes along and now we have added SeaWorld, Orlando as one of our must visit spots all because of the Manta! What is the Manta you ask?

The Manta is a ride that gives you a unique glimps of life under the sea! This ride offers speed and twists and turns that are sure to thrill you while showing you the beauty of sea life! Oh and did I tell you that you will lying prone (on your stomach) for the entire duration of the ride? I didn't? Well now I did and this will definately add to the thrill factor!

Now you need to go check out the Manta for yourself and even have the opportunity to win a "front-of-the-line" pass! There are six activities that give you an opportunity to win so go or glide on over and check out the Manta. I checked out all six of the activities and got qualified to win my pass to go to the front-of-the-line now it's your turn!! Well, what are you waiting for??


Wordful Wednesday by Sadie

Is it Wednesday again already? Time is just going so fast! It seems like I just get up and next thing I know Mommy is putting my jammies on me! Where does time go? If you can tell me that answer just comment or email my Mommy and she will tell me!

I have had a busy week already! Monday we had to take Daddy to see the doctor for his eye! I like to go to his doctor because they treat me like a princess! They always have snacks and juice for me and they put the TV on my favorite cartoons and shows! I pretty much rule the place!

I am also the entertainment because, you see, most of the people there are older (they must be at least 30) and they don't get many divas in there like me! I take every opportunity to dance and sing for anyone who will listen and they all seem to like me alot! I am a very social diva and I love to be around people, especially when I am the center of attention! Ha!

Yesterday and today, Mommy has been watching little man again! I guess he is OK, as long as he goes home at the end of the day and doesn't want to take any of my toys with him!! I asked Mommy to take us to Wal-Mart and she said she only takes one baby to the store and that baby is ME!! I love to shop! Sorry, I got off track a little!! My Mommy does that too!! Ha!

This coming weekend is going to be lots of fun too! Daddy is entering his bicycle (read: motorcycle) in a car show thing and Mommy is going to take pictures of all the cars and bicycles (again read: motorcycles). Then Bubby gets to play dress up and go to a dance party (read: Prom)! Mommy says he is going to look so handsome! I got to help pick out his tux! I can't wait for you all to see him! Mommy says that if I am good, I can play dress up too but I can't go to the dance party because little divas are not big enough! Oh, I guess I will just have to dream until it is my turn! Maybe Mommy and Daddy and me can have our own dance party (read: prom)!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The EYES Have it!

Corny title, I know, but yesterday it was all about the eyes! Not my eyes but the beautiful eyes of my knight in shining armor! The story actually began on Friday when he got home from work and said he had something in his eye! He figured that flushing it with eye wash would solve the problem but by Saturday morning we realized that was probably not so!

Now let me tell you a little about the knight, you see, he is a typical man and will wait and stutter and be in pain and still do nothing about it until it is so bad that he can no longer stand it!! Did he go to the ER on Saturday? Nooooooo, he rode his motorcycle, painted the fence, put down new mulch and helped me plant some new flowers!!

Did he go to the ER on Sunday? NOPE, again!! We spent the afternoon with Papa, or I should say the knight and the diva spent the afternoon with Papa while I met with a bride and groom! I know, I hate to do meetings on Sunday but they are both very busy and this was the only day that would work for them! Anyhoo, when we got home the knight mowed the yard and did the weed eating before it started to rain!! UGH!!

By now he is in pain and ready to cut his own eye out which brings me to yesterday! He had a couple of VA appointments so he decided to wait to have them look at it and I had to drive him, of course, because the sun hurt his eye too bad! So we get to the clinic where he had a 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM appointment and, just my luck, they could not get him in for his eye until 1:00 PM! No big deal, we went out for lunch (a rare treat for me)!

We get back to the clinic for his appointment and two hours later we are finally done and on our way to get an antibiotic drop for his eye! Oh yeah, the piece of STEELE they dug out of his eye had been in there soooo long that it began to RUST! Yup, I said rust! So now he has just left to go to the Marion VA Clinic where they have an eye clinic that can remove the rust from his eye! The only good thing is that they send a car for him and bring him home so the diva and I do not have to make the four hour round trip journey with him!!

Needless to say, the diva was the highlight of all who had the pleasure to be in her presence but I will let her tell you all about it tomorrow in her own words!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I ♥ Faces Week 16, Reflection

Doggone it if I wasn't going to take a break this week from I ♥ Faces because I have been so busy talking to Brides and Grooms and taking engagement photos and networking and babysitting and trying to get over this dang cold that snuck up on me when I wasn't looking! But since I do have a couple of photos that fit the theme, I thought I would toss them in for the heck of it!

Another busy week on tap for me but I am going to try my best to blog hop as much as I can since I really feel left out if I don't get to visit you to see what is happening in your world! Happy Monday to you all!

Here is the adult entry! This was taken at a pond close to the river where we spent the day a few weeks back! I caught him when he wasn't expecting it and it really was a nice change from the funny faces he usually makes at me!
Here is the child's entry taken on Easter Sunday! The diva was mesmerized be the reflection of the baby in the ball! At one point she even kissed her reflection! She is so funny!

Now hop on over to I ♥ Faces to check out all the other great entries for this week! You may even decide to join in on the fun! The more the merrier!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Silent Sunday - The Past Week in Photos

Peeking through the mail slot!
Little man who visits 3 days a week!

Garage fire close to our house that destroyed a Model A Ford and a 57 Chevy!
Moody Teen getting a JROTC award!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Love Your Site Saturday!

I am back with another I love your site Saturday! This week I am featuring Wii Mommies because I have joined the Wii Fit revolution! This site rocks with great articles and a forum to talk to others who are doing the Wii Fit thing!! There are contests and giveaways and lots of support for those of us trying to lose a few or many (as in my case) pounds!

If you have not joined the Wii Fit revolution head on over to Wii Mommies and click on the "How I Lost 60 Lbs with Wii Fit" button to read Julie's story! It is amazing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Won!!

There is nothing like a great contest to get the old blood pumping!! It is even better when you win!! So what did I win? Well I won a $50 gift certificate to Photofiddle from Jamie! All at once it was the best thing I could win and the worst! The best because it is sooooo cool and the worst because I now had to choose from my thousands of photos for my design! Can you say overwhelming?

Well, I was going to choose one of the diva and then decided I needed to make it not so much about her so I chose the color version of her and Grandpa walking down the lane to make into an oil painting! It brings tears to my eyes to think that this is something she will always have to remember him by! Wow, I am tearing just thinking about it!

Jamie also tagged me with a super cool award and I have to tell you 7 things that make me awesome so here goes:

1. I can kill my dinner and cook it too because the Knight in shining armor taught me how to shoot! However, I could NEVER shoot anything and then eat it!! Ha!

2. I can multitask like no other!! Right now I am babysitting a 7 month old along with my own diva and blogging while giving a bottle! Yeah for being able to type with one hand!!

3. I am a darn good photographer who is getting better at her craft everyday! Lots of reading and computer tutorials!!

4. I love to sing and have been told I am pretty good at it!

5. I am getting fit the Wii way and am dedicated to improving my health and be a better example for my daughter!

6. I think I am a pretty awesome wife and mother!

7. I am awesome because I am me and I am unique!!

I am also behind (what a shocker) on posting other awards from Lola and Veronica so I am tossing these into the mix too!

Now on to the tagging!! So many great people, I don't know who to choose!! So if you are on my blogroll feel free to grab all of them (that includes you TIM)!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Might As Well Get Fit For A Good Cause!

Since I am already jumping on the fitness bandwagon, I figured that I could to it for a great cause in the process! I know that right now I am averaging 3 miles a day and sometimes more if we go for a walk as a family in the evening. And I really cannot think of a better cause than fundraising for breast cancer! All I have to do is log into BeeWell Miles to log the miles I walk or run each day and Bumble Bee foods will donate $.15/mile to Breast Cancer Network of Strength that provides emotional support to those going through breast cancer! This is a cause near and dear to my heart because a childhood friend lost her mom to breast cancer. Her mom was only 36 and she was in grade shcool!

So now that I am on the band wagon and raising money for this awesome cause, why don't you join me? We can get fit together and motivate each other and do something for others in the process! So get out your walking or running shoes and hit the pavement! Take the whole family along and then log into BeeWell Miles and log your distance! Just think how much money we could raise for this great cause if we all do it together! Let's go get fit for a cause!

I Am Tossing My Hat Into the Wii Fit Ring

I had to see what all the fuss was about, didn't I? OK, maybe I didn't, but I kind of wanted to after reading some very inspiring Wii Fit weight loss stories! I have been searching for some time and finally found one at our local video game store (the big chain store has been out since before Christmas)! I am excited and scared all at the same time! Excited to try it out and make it work for me and scared because I hate that muscle ache that comes with beginning a new workout!

Today is day three and I am absolutely having a great time with this!! My Knight in Shining Armor says it will go the way of the treadmill but I don't think so!! This is actually fun and just like playing a video game! Just so you know my Wii Fit age is 44 which is only 4 years older than me so that isn't bad! 20 lbs is my first goal (in 2 months) and my overall goal is 60 lbs! I can do it with this and eating better, which I have already started! I have lost 1.5 lbs, go me!!

Are you using the Wii Fit to get in shape? If so, is it working for you? What other diet changes have you made to help with the weight loss (is any)? Let me hear from you so I know what things work and what doesn't! Also, have you purchased any of the other "games" designed for the Wii Fit, if so, what and do you recommend it?

I am just hoping the little diva will leave me alone long enough to get some really effective workouts in! Ha! Yeah right, maybe I could strap her to my back for some extra weight! LOL! No, actually she imitates my son and I while we are doing yoga! It is the cutest thing! I will try to get some pics!

My wishlist would include another Wii Fit Balance Board so my son and I can do this together!! That would rock!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blurb Book Give Away At I ♥ Faces!

The gang over at I ♥ Faces is give away Blurb photo books! That is too cool! What a great gift that would make for someone special! Even better is that there will be a book with I ♥ Faces photos in it! They are holding a contest and the top in each catagory will be in a book! Head on over to I ♥ Faces for more details! I am too excited to type! LOL!

Wordful Wednesday by Sadie

I can see that is becoming habit! Mommy says it is important for me to keep doing this since I am a the tiniest editor at Sited and Blogged where my Mommy is a photo editor! I guess what they say about like Mother like Daughter is true! Mommy says that I am becomining more of a diva with all the fame that I have. Ha! I do lots of things like my Mommy these days! She is getting a little upset that I won't use the big girl potty like she does but I will when I am ready!

I still hate naps and LOVE ice cream! I also love to torment the dogs and my bubby when he is on the computer! I love to play on the porch and at the park and I LOVE my kickity balls (I have 4 including one big one)!

Mommy has been taking care of Daddy cause he got sick yesterday! He is a really big baby when he doesn't feel good! Mommy says most men are that way! Ha! I am a baby when I get sick too but I am a baby so I am supposed to be that way!!

Mommy has been taking lots of pictures and talking to clients during the day so she is pretty busy! Oh, I forgot to tell you that she will be watching a 6 month old three days a week until the end of May because his Mommy got a job and the sitter that will be watching him doesn't have an opening until then! I love babies, they are so cute! Not sure I will want to share my toys with him or not, he may have to bring his own (he just lives next door)!

Think I will snuggle with the dogs and give Mommy a small break for now! I see you later!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of Picket Fences and Lillies!

After spending a wonderful day in the country on Saturday, we came home so my knight in shining armor could work on the picket fence that he has promised me for 16 years! Mind you, I never pushed the issue but he remembered (better late than never, right)! A couple of weeks ago he set the posts and Saturday he did the pickets! It rained before he could get it painted but that is OK. I know it will be done this coming weekend when the temps raise into the 80s!! I am so ready for warm, sunny weather!

While Hubby was working on the fence the diva and I were playing in the yard and I happened to go around the side of the house and to my surprise, found my Asiatic Lillies were blooming! Well at least 2 of the 4 were blooming! I was so glad to see the splash of color that I had to run in and get my camera to capture the first blooms! They remind me of a bright sunny day and they smell wonderful!

Hope you are all having a great week!

Monday, April 20, 2009

And The Winners Are......

Thanks to all who entered my very first give away!! I hope to do so much more in the near future! The winners were chosen at random by and without further ado here they are:
#25 liane66 said....I would choose the Purple Hibiscus.Thanks for the giveaway! You get to chose your tote.
#35 Tim at Fort Thompson said....Long time follower here. Tim gets the Live Beautiful tee!
Congrats to all!

I ♥ Faces Week 15, Self Portrait

I must confess that I have been dreading this week because of the subject! I HATE taking photos of myself, however, I did discover that I am still a fun type gal! I actually had fun with this little session. I tried all my lenses and actually liked the 50 mm shot the best. The crop is what came SOOC. Hop on over to I ♥ Faces and see how others captured themselves! By the way, one of the requirements was that we could not use a tripod!! We had to be holding the camera in our hands! It was hard with a bulky camera!

The kids entry was captured at the last moment last night! She was so tired from dancing all night! What you cannot see is the tutu she is wearing! LOL! For this shot I grabbed a point and shoot Nikon Cool Pix and was pretty happy with the results!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silent Sunday

Both of these were taken yesterday when we went to Papa's for Daddy to mow the lawn! We had a great time and Papa got outside for a while! This little walk winded him really bad but we had fun anyway!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman Presenting...........

Wild Bill Hickcock and Calamity Jane!!! Actually known as Zach and Cathy!! The show was awesome last night!! I was crying like a baby watching my baby perform! Please forgive the picture, it was taken on my cell but I didn't think hauling the old camera back to the theatre and poppin off flashes with a high powered flash would be the nice thing to do even though the pictures would have been better!

Sorry this is short but I am heading for the country to take some photos and grab a Starbuck's on my way!! Yummy! Don't forget to enter my give away here!! It ends tomorrow with the winners drawn on Monday!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Wow, what a week!!! Friday could not get here fast enough for me! I cannot pin point all the things about this week that made it crazy but it was soooooooo CARA-zy!!! I am also glad it is Friday because the weather has been great but today is supposed to be in the 70's!! Could spring finally be here? I sure hope so!

Yesterday was a very busy day for me: editing photos, booking weddings and corporate gigs! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that my husband is doing a shoot for Lakeland College and they are going to pay ME to do the photographs!! Did I forget to tell you that I am married to a male model? Must have slipped my mind! He says he got the gig because he is H-A-W-T, hot! I just giggle and stroke his ego (like he needs help in that area from me)!

The moody teen in the house has been especially moody lately because of late night rehearsals for the high school musical! He has the male lead in Calamity Jane. Some friends of ours went last night and Chris and I are going tonight! I think hubby and another family friend are going tomorrow night! Yes, we go at different times because the darling diva will no longer sit still for the show so we just divide and conquer! That way someone is always there in the audience for him! I will be so glad when it is all over because he can finally get back to some semblance of normal and maybe get some much needed sleep!
Time is running out to enter my very first give away!! Lots of chances to win! Click here to enter!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heat Relaxers Rock!

I know that I say things Rock all the time and I mean it but these heat relaxers REALLY rock!! Jessica at Live Beautiful also has a line of handmade heat relaxers that you zap in the microwave and apply to whatever area you like!

When the heat relaxer arrived last week I was in the throes of cramps and I immediately put the relaxer in the microwave and used it over and over for the next couple of hours! A few days later I went hiking by the river as I mentioned in an earlier post and my legs were not prepared for the pain that was to follow later that night! I grabbed the heat relaxer and used it on my tired and cramping thighs! What relief it brought with no need for motrin or tylenol to ease the pain!! Then my shoulders decided to join the pain wagon and I again turned to the heat relaxer for comfort! This thing really rocks!

The heat relaxers are handmade and come in a variety of fabrics! I, of course, chose the hot pink fluffy relaxer! I love it! A really cool thing that Jessica has implemented is the use of the heat relaxer as a fundraiser for your group. Check it out if you are looking for a unique way to raise money!

Don't forget that my give away with Jessica is still going on with lots of ways to get extra entries! Click here to enter! The deadline is Sunday with the drawing on Monday! Good luck!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordful Wednesday by Sadie

"I am glad to see you! Did you miss me?" Mommy is letting me take over again because she is a little on the grouchy side AGAIN! I think my not taking naps is getting on her nerves! I get tired and grouchy but I am a stubborn toddler and I don't want to give in!!

I thought I would tell you about the Easter bunny!! He brought me some cool treats! A little candy that the whole family gets to share, a book called "The Runaway Bunny" and a really cool bubble gun! It was all in a pretty pink princess basket. I even got to go on a second Easter egg hunt at my Papa's house! I had so much fun finding the eggs even though they were not hidden that great! My Mommy followed me around with her camera again! I am really tired of having my picture taken all the time! Maybe she should take pictures of some other kids cause she gets on my nerves!

I got to wear my strawberry dress (my Mommy is a ZTA and they like strawberries) and pretty shoes and a hat that I picked out myself! Mommy said I did a great job picking it out! I like to dress up and go to church. I wish I could wear my new shoes all the time! I have lots of friends there and I always cry when it is time to leave!

Here are some of Mommy's pictures from Sunday and don't forget to enter her give away HERE! I wish I could enter but I don't have my own email and Mommy won't tell me what Twitter and Facebook are for either!

I will see you all later, time to play!!


My Mommy's favorite picture of me! (For Now!)

My friend J.R. He is 3 and had cancer but is all better now!

Me with J.R. and his big sis Deanna playing a trio on the piano!

I love to dance!

Pretty flowers! Smells good!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Forget to Register for My Very 1st Give Away!!

Just click here ! Good Luck!!

Fun at the River

I really did enjoy my much needed break even though I did not feel good most of the time! You ladies out there will understand, you gents not so much!! It did me good to get away from the computer and into the great outdoors with the family and my camera (I never leave home without it)!!

Saturday was perfect weather for being out and I was OUT! We hiked around the family cabin and saw lots of cool things! My legs are still killing me from the trek down to the river from the cabin! It is almost strait down! Going down was fine, coming back up was the killer and I was out of breath by the time I got back! I had to sit for a little while before I could continue the journey!! LOL! Can you say out of shape? It was still fun and the photos were worth the pain!

Don't forget to enter my give away here! Enjoy the photos!

I love the reflection in this photo! They were looking at all the tad poles!

Sadie and Aunt Angel scoping out the Easter Eggs! Aunt Angel's pockets were overflowing with eggs!

Just a cool shot of the canoe!

Sadie taking a moment to smell the flowers!

Millions of tad poles, 27 of which came home to live with us! Sigh!

An exhausted Sadie catching a ride from Aunt Angel.

The treck from the river back to the cabin! Now you know why my legs hurt!

Yes, I have a thing for old vehicles!

I saw theses boots by the canoe and thought how cute! Then I saw that there were full of cement and repurposed as an anchor! How funny!

Sadie and Aunt Angel.

My grown up baby!


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