Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer is Gone!

Well,  school has started up again and I'm not all that happy about it!  I like to hang out with my beautiful daughter!  We have lots of fun together and now I am just lonely!  Not really but I do miss her like crazy!  Here is her first day picture from this past Friday.

This is an annual event and when she graduates she will have a photo, like this, from every first day!  My favorite question is the last one!  Last year she wanted to be a rockstar drummer but this year I can tell my actions are influencing her!

I am a St. Jude runner and have been for two years now!  I get to hang with 50 plus runners and crew for 2 days as we run 140 miles from Mattoon, Illinois to Peoria, Illinois!  
We raise money for the honor to run!  All the money goes to St. Jude to help kids fight cancer.  It is an amazing journey that is life changing!  Each runner has to raise a minimum of $750 this year I raised almost $1700!  The best part is knowing that it will help a child and NO ONE ever gets billed for treatment!  This year team Mattoon raised.......,,
By the time we reached Peoria, it was closer to $87,000 thanks to donations made by people we passed on our journey!  It is amazing and very humbling to be part of this team!  I even got to run with my fellow YMCA coworkers!  Look at this crew!
This year my ZTA Sorority sister, Natalie, joined her town to run to Peoria also!  I found her when we got to Peoria!  Another sister, Jill, came to watch both of our teams run into town!  I love these ladies!!
I am already excited for next year because I know we can raise more money than this year!  Until there is a cure........we will run!


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