Monday, May 30, 2011



That freedom is not free.


That someone died for me.


The families who made the sacrifice.


That friends have suffered and lost.


That I never will forget!

Thanks to all who have served and to those who have paid the ultimate price!  I will never forget the price you paid for me or my family!

To my husband, brother, father, step-father and cousins who served:  you are my heros!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The End and The Beginning

No this is not a post rapture that did not happen post!  I am still here and so are you so obviously nothing happened!  This week marks that big day in a teen's life when they are considered an adult to the world at large!  Ready or not here they come, the Class of 2011!

The Moody Teen finished school last Friday (and yes I cried) since he did not have to take finals this week so he gets a small break before getting that piece of paper that parents everywhere covet for their teens.........a High School Diploma!  I have waited 18 long years for this moment and I am going to have my he is going to have his moment!  I am excited that he made it and no one died in the process.  I am happy that he is going out with honors and I am so proud that he has chosen an awesome career to pursue!

Are you ready for his new path?  I wasn't, but here goes:  Mortuary Science.  WHAT??????    Yup, you read right!  This from the kid who used to be scared to death of anything that was no longer living!  Now that he has done some dissecting, he thinks is may be cool!  OK, son, whatever makes you happy and helps you support yourself!  I am on-board!

From boy to man in the blink of an eye!  Zach, I love you and I am so proud of the man that you have become!  Live your dream and make it happen!  You are the only person who knows what you want and the only person who can make you happy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trial by Fire!

Usually before I leave the house, the Diva is dressed and ready for the day! Yesterday, however, that was not the case! I had to be at church by 8 AM for a rehearsal and left the Knight and the Diva sound asleep and they would join me around 9:15. I had planned exactly what the Diva would wear and laid it on the dining room table so all daddy had to do was get her dressed and brush her hair.

At 8:35, I got the first text that read: OMG! To which I replied: ? The Knight then replied: She is such a DIVA! My reply: LOL! Welcome to my world!

At 9:00 I sent a text asking how things were going and got no reply! It was not until my husband walked into church looking very frazzled that I realized what a number she had done on him! I took her name tag to her and got the full story!

She did not want to wear what I set out for her because it was not pink! Then she did not want to wear the leggings and promised not to show her underwear at church. She then proceeded to tell me that daddy chased her around the house to put her clothes on her! She refused to wear the belt with the dress and could brush her own hair! The poor Knight had finally had a showdown with his "mini me"! Yes, she is her father's daughter through and through!

I really did not feel one bit sorry for him because he now knows what I deal with every single day!

We Caught the Easter Bunny!

Well, the Diva caught the Easter Bunny! OK, she caught our bunny! After church, she had a private egg hunt and then we brought bunny man outside for some photo fun! We thought it was fun but he did not look amused most of the time! How could you be happy with a 4 year old Diva chasing you around the yard?

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Testing AgAiN!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

On Being A Mom

Being a mom has changed my life in so many ways!  There is absolutely nothing that compares to this part of my life!  Now, I am little less conventional since I have an 18 year old and a 4 year old but I would not trade my circumstances for anything in the world.  Does my parenting become a little bi-polar?  You bet!  Parenting my little Diva is much different than parenting my almost grown Moody Teen.  Most days I manage to keep it all together and I know who I am talking to but there are days when things get a little messy and my mind fails to keep the teen and the toddler separated.  I blame MY age (soon to be another year older)!

19 years ago, when I was pregnant with the Teen, the weather was much like it is now!  Rainy and cold for typical May temperatures.  Just one thing I remember as I prepare the his high school graduation!  Yikes!!  Then my mind takes  me to the day he held 10 adults at bay with an active garden hose with a sprayer!  He was 4 and he was determined to soak us all.  Memories, sweet memories.

I could tell lots of Diva tale but we would be here all day so I will tell one of my favs from last summer.  We went to a 4th of July cookout at a friends and there were other kids running around when we got there.  The Diva walked up to a 2 year old in a bikini and loudly stated, "My mom has bigger bras than you!"  Oh my!  We all had a good laugh!

I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend!  To all the mothers:  Happy Mother's Day!  To all the kids and husbands:  make this weekend one to remember for the special mom in your life!  To my Mama:  I miss you more everyday but am thankful for all the wonderful memories and the great advice that you shared along the way!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Am Guilty of Neglect!

Yup, I have been neglecting you all!  I know there are no excuses but life and business have been a little on the busy side!  The Moody Teen is graduating in a couple of weeks and there is still much to do to prep for that and the Diva only has 3 more days of school and well you get the picture!

I did get some good news to share this week!!!  My son is getting an award on Honors Night!  Hello, did not see that coming!  Even he doesn't know what it is for so we will all be surprised next week!

I promise to be back soon!  Lots of pictures to share!  Have a great Thursday!


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