Monday, August 3, 2009

My New Hangout!

We had all the proper tools and had made several trips to Home Depot and now it was all coming together! Our new deck, that is! There have been some road blocks like a huge root from an old tree that had been removed before we moved in! This thing was huge and took a while to remove but it was finally defeated and all the posts were set!

Here is the Diva on day 2 or 3 of the build and we won't be daddy's way too much so we decide to help! Yup, she is missing one pony tail that disappeared sometime during her nap and she was to excited to play for me to put it back in! Ha!

We got some done and then the mosquitoes decided to come out so we went in! We were so excited when we could help on Sunday after church and a visit to Papa!

The Diva worked really hard helping daddy! Notice the sawdust on the booty! I could tell early that this would be a two bath day for our big helper!!

Of course, when I look for something to photograph it is usually the first thing I see! Well, from where I decided to perch on the deck, this is the first thing I saw! Besides who can resist a booty shot from time time to time! LOL!

Now all that was left to do is inspect the craftsmanship and call all her friends over for a get together on the new deck! I forsee some future tea parties on this deck!

Notice the dirty face! My little diva sure does like to get dirty! Oh well, that is what baths are for! Right? Right!! If you want the full effect of the dirty face, click on the photo to enlarge it! LOL!

Busy week here getting ready for Colorado!! The list of things to do is a mile long so I will be around but probably not too much! Talk to you all soon!


Karen said...

Oh what fun building a new deck with a "diva". Just stopping by through the Harriett's August Comment Non-challenge.

Lin said...

I'm sure S was thrilled to have you shooting his butt while he was working!! LOL! The deck is going to be GREAT! I'll bet you spend all your time out there. Nice that he can build stuff like that for you.

Unknown said...

Can I come over when it's done? I like tea parties. :)

Oh and uh, can your honey fix up my deck? :D ...

I passed on some love to you today on my blog.

Liz Mays said...

You're doing that yourself? I'm so impressed with you.

Unknown said...

woohoo a new deck! Enjoy!!

natalee said...

Jo your pictures are beautiful.. I am a new follower.. I will be back..natalee

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Hi there. Just popping by from Harriet's Non-Comment Challenge!


Kristen said...

Oh! I love the pics of her helping daddy!

Moms On The Go said...

Love the booty shot lol, very cute

Stopping by from Harriet's comment Challenge :)


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