Friday, November 13, 2009

Wishes vs. Needs Christmas List

I know it is not even turkey day yet but, I have been seeing lots of wish lists popping up and the Diva has been pointing out everything that see wants which, by the way, is literally everything she sees!! LOL! Good luck to Santa on getting all of that into the house!! Anyway, I was looking at my list and trying to determine what is a wish and what is a need and here is what I came up with!

I want and need a second camera body! Always need a backup so I would use the new body as primary and my current body would become the backup! So next is to choose which body! Everyone knows I am a Nikon girl so I am looking at the D700 and the D3X.

Here is the D700, a workhorse in every way! Functional and would meet my needs wonderfully!

Then there is the D3X, which is a workhorse and then some! This is the camera of my dreams! And, yes I do dream of this sleek body in my hands!!

The difference? 12.1 megapixels versus 24.5 and then there is the slight price difference! OK, the HUGE price difference! The D3X is about $4,000 more than the D700! Oh, ouch! But oh, the things I could do (with either of these cameras)!

I am just dreaming and since I know this is not is Santa's budget, I will have to settle for some new dishes which are really needed since mine keep getting broken or disappearing. I have yet to investigate the guilty party but I keeping my eye on the beagle, who will eat anything that doesn't eat him first!

While I am enjoying the new dishes I will just continue to stuff my piggy bank to buy myself (my business) a new camera body! Contributions can be sent to.............just kidding!!

What are you wishing for this holiday season?


Lin said...

You know, new dishes are pretty expensive too. I think you should just have paper plates and go for the camera!! LOL! :)


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