Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Topsy Turvy

Life has been a tad crazy lately so I have not been around much but I have lots to share so bare with the longish post! Ha!!  First, Easter!  It started out as a great day with church, lunch and an egg hunt but went downhill when the Knight decided to be a bone head!  I won't go into detail let's just say he was not being a good boy and leave it at that!  This not being a good boy led to a wasted Monday that included a 6 hour round trip to Marion, IL (for nothing but a 4 1/2 hour time drain)!  We got home at midnight!  Anyhoo, lots of photo fun including pictures in the park which can be seen here!

Here is the Diva in her Easter best!!  The whole outfit was a steal!!  The dress was from Walmart, the sweater from a resale shop and the hat was from the Dollar Tree ( I made the flower)!  She looked adorable!!

After lunch, we hunted eggs left by the elusive Easter bunny!  Let me tell you there was waaaaaay tooooooo much chocolate left at our house!  So if your kid got cheated in the candy department, we will share!!!  Ha!  Ha!!

It was so windy that during the course of the hunt, the Diva lost her hat but she was too busy hunting goodies to notice!

By the end of the day, she was so hopped up on candy that she was running and jumping like a mad woman!!  I think I see a career in the WNBA for this one!!

I pray you all had a great Easter!


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

We had a great weekend. I am sorry DH is being a bonehead. I hope he's come to his senses by now. The Diva's outfit sounds like Dori's last year~ WM dress, resale sweater, $ hat...minus the flower!

Enjoy the great weather! I just finished Nikki's blog. You will probably recognize the template!

Secondary Roads said...

Great pictures as always I especially love Sadie -- aka Bouncing Betty.


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