Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Hunting

We are not big hunters at my house until October rolls around and then we are searching for the perfect pumpkin!  Our hunt usually takes us to The Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, IL (made famous by Martha Stewart) where we can search for pumpkin and squash and taste all the yummy treats available for purchase!

This year we loaded up the whole family and made the trek on an unseasonably warm Sunday!  We had a wonderful time and, yes, we found the perfect pumpkin(s)!

We ran into this friendly guy!  He had his period tools and cooking items laid out for all to see.  He was busy scooping the pulp out of a squash and putting them on the fire to make a yummy sweet treat!

I love all the displays!  They are lovely and just by looking, you can tell how many man hours went into setting everything up for us to enjoy!

I never get enough of this!  I love to watch the Diva and her daddy!  She loves him so much and the feeling is quite mutual!

As much as I love them, I also love this grass!  I really want to plant some in my yard but I know that the Knight would mistake it for weeds and mow it or pour weed killer on it!  So, I have to settle for pictures for now!  Sigh!

She loves her ice cream!  It was pretty warm on Sunday so she got chocolate and I think it got her too!!  The Moody Teen and I got pumpkin ice cream and it was yummy!!

We found the perfect pumpkins!  We got a big one, a medium one and a Diva sized one too! I really need to say anything more?  Be still my heart!  I love my babies!

Since I had some great Diva helpers along, I could just kind of wonder and play with my camera!  Funny how much things have changed in a year!  I know so much more about my camera and light compared to last year!

So here is what happened to out perfect pumpkins!  The Diva and the Knight plus a knife and an ice cream scoop equals.........................................................................................................................

This guy and his two little friends!!
I have pictures of the Diva dressed up in her costume but they have to wait until later cause I am in need of a nap!  Have a great weekend and remember to be safe!


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

That a really a cool place and the pumpkin ice cream is sooo YUMMY!

Veronica Lee said...

Beautiful captures as always, Jo!

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy your weekend!

I am Harriet said...

I LOVE your DIVA pics!!!!!

Lin said...

Beautiful day for photos and fun!!! We've been to Arthur--lots of fun seeing the Amish buggies there too.


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