Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beagle vs. Bunny

The contenders:

In the red corner in the black, white and brown fur.......Boscoe the Beagle weighing in at 35 lbs.  He is 8 years old and kind of lazy.

In the blue corner in the gray fur with long floppy ears (come to think of it, they BOTH have long floppy ears)........Bobos the bunny weighing in at 16 lbs.  He is 2 years old and very lively!

Now you know the fighters, let me set the scene I walked into last night after rehearsal!  I walk in the living room door to find the Knight, the Diva and all the animals roaming the living room, free range style.  Normally this does not happen but the Knight had everything under control until the bunny started stalking the old dog!  Yup, this bunny is not afraid of anything, including the Zoey the 65 lb pit bull!  Anyway, as I enter the room, the bunny charges at the beagle and baps him on the nose!  Poor beagle was terrified!  I laughed at the mighty hunting dog being put in his place by this less than predatory animal!

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful until the bunny started stalking the poor beagle again!  Bobos would not leave him alone!  He planned his attacks and surprised his poor victim by jumping out at him from behind the furniture every chance he got!  Poor old dog finally could not stand it anymore and went to bed!  I am still laughing today!

Well, I hope you all have lots to be Thankful for during this season!  I know I sure do!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Lin said...

I think the Bunny has established himself as Alpha Dog!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wacky clan, Jo!


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