Friday, February 11, 2011

The "Ignore Button" of Life

I have been sidetracked again!  It happens, periodically, that life will throw a wrench into what would, otherwise, be a perfect life!  No, my life is not perfect but it could be if lots of things were dropped off the face of the earth into a great void never to be seen again.  Sometimes I wish I could do that to people too but since I can't I just have to deal with them as I see fit!  Most of the the time my weapon of choice is to hit the ignore button.  Ha!  Ha!  Seriously, don't you wish some people had an ignore button like you have on Facebook?

Someone says something you don't like.........ignore!  Someone hurts your feelings.............ignore!  Someone does something incredibly stupid..........ignore!  I would be using that button quite frequently!  Particularly with my family!  The Knight does one of the above mentioned actions..........ignore!  The Moody Teen does one of the above mentioned actions.............ignore!  The Diva acts to divaish................ignore!  You get the picture!  But since life does not come with an ignore button, I guess Calgon will have to continue to take me away!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


Lin said...

Life is like that sometimes, isn't it? And it seems like the whole world is ganging up on you and annoying the crap out of us. Best to hunker down and ride out the storm. I usually blow a gasket and have a Yell Fest at the family members and they tread lightly for awhile. Everyone needs a reminder that you are a person too.

Hang in there, Jo. :) I hope it gets better.


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