Monday, May 16, 2011

Trial by Fire!

Usually before I leave the house, the Diva is dressed and ready for the day! Yesterday, however, that was not the case! I had to be at church by 8 AM for a rehearsal and left the Knight and the Diva sound asleep and they would join me around 9:15. I had planned exactly what the Diva would wear and laid it on the dining room table so all daddy had to do was get her dressed and brush her hair.

At 8:35, I got the first text that read: OMG! To which I replied: ? The Knight then replied: She is such a DIVA! My reply: LOL! Welcome to my world!

At 9:00 I sent a text asking how things were going and got no reply! It was not until my husband walked into church looking very frazzled that I realized what a number she had done on him! I took her name tag to her and got the full story!

She did not want to wear what I set out for her because it was not pink! Then she did not want to wear the leggings and promised not to show her underwear at church. She then proceeded to tell me that daddy chased her around the house to put her clothes on her! She refused to wear the belt with the dress and could brush her own hair! The poor Knight had finally had a showdown with his "mini me"! Yes, she is her father's daughter through and through!

I really did not feel one bit sorry for him because he now knows what I deal with every single day!


Amberlie* said...

Hi, you have a beautiful site here! I have something for you over at mine, you should come on over and check it out! 3rd blog down on my home page :)

ps: the follower systems down, so I'll try again soon.


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