Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day I Will Never Forget!

Everyone has one of those "days they will never forget", some have many days (JFK, 9/11) they will never forget and today just happen to be one of those days for me! Three years ago today, I was purchasing glasses for my then 13 year old son when my phone rang. The connection was bad and I told the caller to hang on so I could exit the mall and get better reception. When I was outside the caller was my friend Eric, a fire fighter from my hometown "I think you need to come home!" he said. I thought perhaps Mom had a fire and needed me to help sort things out and just be there for her but that was not the case. She was gone! In a blink of an eye, just like that she had flown from our lives so unexpectedly! I began to cry hysterically and then realized that I was alone! I was 400 miles from home and my husband had just left for a second tour of duty in Iraq only 15 days earlier and to top it all off I was not on post at Fort Campbell surrounded by friends, I was at a mall surrounded by strangers and lots of cars!! As I was sobbing, a young woman came up and asked if I needed assistance. At this point I was calling my friend Annie and a friend of Spencer's who had stayed behind, as luck would have it, both were on the same side of town at that moment in time. One in the mall and one across the street from the mall at an auto repair shop! WOW, God was looking out for me! The good Samaritan stayed with me until my friends got to me at the mall, I still do not know her name to this day!

This was the start of the most difficult week of my life especially since it was impossible to get Spencer out of Iraq in time for the funeral. So not only did I lose my Mom, I had to endure the pain without my best friend. He did get to call me everyday and that helped but not as much as if he had actually been there to hold me! My Mom used to tell me all the time, "That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." Never were these words more true than at this moment!

I still miss her and I wish every day that she had the opportunity to meet my precious Sadie. I know, without a doubt, the she would have spoiled her rotten (OK more rotten). Please remember that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow so let people know how you feel about them today!

To my family: I love you all!! Deb - wish we lived closer! Tracy - we are close, let's get together!, Aunt Pat - I love it when you drop by! Shannon - I will always be here for you! Shane - I know we have not always seen eye-to-eye, but I love you! Keep your head down, those Taliban can be a bit hostile, lol ;)! Linda, Angel, Levi, & Larry - God blessed me when I married Spencer and became part of your family! I love you all! Bill, Ruth, Rick, Lyn, Britt and Brock - you are wonderful friends and I am glad that God has brought you all into our lives! You will never know how much you mean to us! And most important: Spencer, Zach and Sadie - You are my forever family and I would lay down my life for yours!



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