Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Editing our lives.

I love to play with my photo editing software because it can do so much for those of us who are not perfect ;)! I can make you thin and tan, remove zits and whiten your teeth all with a stroke of the mouse. I can restore a photo from 1903 and make it look new again! I can turn your photo into a painting (as shown in the photo at the left of my lil angel)! Heck, I can even remove your ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife from a photo and add your new love interest right in like he or she was there the day the photo was taken! Pretty cool, huh?
If only life were so easy! There have been many times I wish I could edit a portion of my life so it never existed to the naked eye! There are comments I have made and hurtful things that I have done to people I love in the heat of the moment that can never be edited out or cleaned up to look pretty. They just don't make software for that! What we do have, however, is the ability to admit that we are wrong and apologize for the wrong we have done or the hurt we have caused! I know what you are thinking, I can't do that! I will look bad in the eyes of others! I can't admit that I am wrong! I'm telling you that you can and you should! The weight that is lifted off your shoulders will make you feel 100 lbs. lighter! Your words can change someones life for the better or for the worst, it is up to you! Maybe we should just learn to edit what we say BEFORE it comes gushing out of our mouths like a great wall of water that once on the loose cannot be stopped before major damage is done! What a novel idea that would be!
The moral of today's lesson: think before you speak or act! It can make a difference in your life and the lives of those you come in contact with every day!


I am Harriet said...

Dude- there's a naked angel on your blog...aaaahhhhhhh!!!!1


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