Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get Help When Photographing Kids (Especially YOUR Kids)!

OK, I will admit that this is not advice that I took very well when I attempted to photograph the Dive for her 2 year shoot and, of course, I repeated the mistake just TODAY!  My thought process went something like this:  I am bored and photography makes me feel better!  Mistake number one:  I can take the Dive downtown and do her three year shoot (alone)!  Mistake number 2:  She is older, she will listen better!  Mistake number 3:  Bribery by cookie from the coffee house!  It is a great place for lattes and to do photos and they have great baked goodies BUT it is not great for a momtog with a bag of gear, a coat, a latte and an almost three year old!  I really could have used an extra set of arms and hands and feet and everything else!!

If I have learned one thing, it is that kids get stage fright when their parents are involved!  Some of the best shoots are when the parents step out of sight of the child!  The child relaxes because they realize that I am not going to demand a perfect performance from them!  You will find that kids do not want to disappoint their parents and often will not cooperate!  Sometimes it is better to use a Grandparent or Aunt or Uncle to get the child to smile a more natural smile!  So my tip of the decade is:  never go it alone where YOUR kids are concerned because another person (not a parent) can usually get a better response from the child!  So now you can look at our first take of the Diva's three year shoot!  Sigh........


I have arranged for help for the second installment of the Diva's three year shoot!!  Ha!  Ha!!


Jenera said...

You know, I like these photos better than posed ones. I think grabbing shots of kids in their 'normalness' is so fun. I have a few issues taking photos of Aidan but he loves to play it up for the camera.

Unknown said...

Oh but I think these are really great! You captured her personality in all of these! So fun!

Unknown said...

She's still gorgeous and those pics are cute! I can see she wasn't being as cooperative as she has sometimes, but she is so adorable. :)


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