Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Darling Diva!

My Dear Darling Daughter,

3 years have come and gone so quickly!  I am sad that time is zipping by too quickly and I hope you realize that I am having the time of my life being with you and teaching you about this big world that we live in!  I love being your mommy and there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for sending you to us!

I am proud of you for everything that you have accomplished in your three years on earth!  You have learned to walk (better late than never) and talk (way to early!  LOL!)!  You got to go on an airplane for the first time and shortly thereafter you were potty trained in a matter of 3 days!  Way to go!!  You can count to 20 and know your ABCs and your colors!  You are a wonderful singer and dancer and you are super imaginative!  I think you get your creativity from me and your temper from daddy!!  Ha!  Ha!

 I love that you are my cohort in crime and go almost everywhere I go!!  I love being able to take you places and show you the good things this world has to offer!  I hope you know that the best is yet to come!!  By turning three, there will be doors opened up to you that were never open before like pre-school and ballet class!  I know you are excited for both!

What else can I say but I LOVE YOU Rosebud!  You are the most beautiful flower in the world and I am blessed to be your mommy!!

AND NOW (drum roll please)..................
for my favorite photo of the Diva EVER!  This was taken
the day I did Caleb's shoot!!



I am Harriet said...

Holy Cow!

That means in like 14 years she can finally pledge :) hehehehe

Happy birthday!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to your litte diva!


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