Monday, July 5, 2010

This N That!

It was a fairly busy weekend around here, well sort of!  Saturday I went to the store which made the family happy then I just hung out on the deck!  Sort of!  I was actually forced onto the deck because I was making eggs when the doorbell rang and I got distracted (blame pregnancy brain) anyway when my guest left, I walked toward the kitchen to find it engulfed in smoke!  Yikes!  I left the plastic spatula on the pan!  The smell of burnt plastic was horrible so I had to open all windows and get a fan to clear the air!  I was coughing and gagging, it was bad!  Great excuse to be outside!!

The Diva swam in her pool while I chilled most of the day!  Then I had an evening photo shoot with two very cute kids one of whom I am now calling bolt because every time I clicked the shutter he would take off at a full run!  Needless to say, I was exhausted when we were done!  LOL!  Next was a trip to the lake to visit friends and watch fireworks from the boat!  It was a beautiful evening and I loved it!  Including my hilarious daughter who had a conversation with a 2 year old that went something like this:

Diva (to a 2 year old in a bikini):  My mommy has bigger bras than you!

2 year old:  (blank stare)

OK, the adults within hearing range were in stitches!  It really was funny!

Sunday was church and then another afternoon on the deck before going to our local fireworks show!  It was fun but the Diva was tired and so was I.  Today I am in laundry and edit mode so I will be sharing with you soon!

My first Dr. appointment in Thursday and I am getting a little antsy!  I really do not like the first trimester at all!  I am a worrier by nature and I worry until I can feel the little one moving!  I am thinking about renting a fetal doppler like I did with the Diva so I can hear the heartbeat myself and hopefully relax a little!


Secondary Roads said...

Apart from the kitchen incident, that sounds like a good weekend.

Lin said...

Don't worry, Jo. Just enjoy it and go with the flow. :)

Unknown said...

Since I already commented on the pregnant brain one I'll not tease you about that today. That conversation is too funny - so cute.

I always felt the same way during the first trimester with every child so I totally understand your feeling. Can't wait to hear how the appointment goes.

Anonymous said...



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