Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shock and Awe!

I have been around but I have been trying to get over the shock and awe that was my weekend!  If you are on Facebook regularly you already know, but for those of you not on FB,  I got the news on Saturday that we are expecting an addition to our family!!  Yup, you heard right, I am pregnant!  There I said it and it does help to make it more concrete in my mind!  Don't get me wrong, my body is already telling the story and now it is confirmed my multiple tests!  No denying it!

So I spent the majority of the weekend in shock and the rest of the weekend was spent in awe!  I still cannot get over it!  You see, we tried FOREVER with for the Diva!  14 years to be exact which included infertility drugs and one miscarriage!  I was also working out each time I got pregnant but not this time!  LOL!  At 42, I am considered advanced maternal age which is OK by me because I know I am old!!  Ha!  Ha!

I am starting to get excited but I have already begun the battle with gestational diabetes which means I could very well have to go on insulin before all is said and done!  I go to the doctor next week and we will chat about all of this I am sure! 

I will keep you all posted on the happenings around here but for know we are car shopping!  Something bigger is in order......SUV, Minivan, something to carry 3 adults and 2 car seats!  LOL!  We found what we want and now we are just waiting for the dealer to agree to the price point and since today is the last day of the month and they want to make sales, I am sure it will be all good!  I will let you know about that too!

Now that you have all experienced shock and awe with me, I hope you have a super day!!


Heidi said...


I am Harriet said...

Holy cow! WOW!

I went to the doctor a few months ago and she asked me if I was using birth control. At my age??? Right.
Congrats to you Jo!

~Jamie said...

HOLY SHOCK! oh, okay I'm over it know. HOLY AWE!! Congrats Congrats! Come to the Wasteland and I will do your maternity photos. hehehehe.

Lin said...

Wow, even I am shocked!! That is going to be one major lifestyle change!! I wish you happiness and good health, Jo. :)

Unknown said...

:-) Yup, bigger vehicle indeed.

Secondary Roads said...

Congrats! It will be good for Sadie to have a younger sibling. You'll have plenty to blog about now, not that you ever seem short of good ideas. Life should be interesting for you.

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

OMG!!!! WOW! What a shock!! Congratulations. My guess is BOY!

Anonymous said...



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