Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things I Have Learned

This Saturday will be my second Blogiversary and I have grown and learned so much about blogging and life in general!  I started this blog to keep family and friends updated on our family but it became so much more than that!  I have met some incredible people through this blog who I now consider friends!  Some of my pals like Diana (we have hung out several times) and Harriett  (I still want to meet you in person) live 45 minutes from me and Lin  (drove 300 miles and stayed in a hotel so I could do their photos) lives in the same state!  Chuck has become a great cheerleader to me as has Petula!  There are others that are too numerous to mention but these folks have all changed my life, in some way, for the better!  To them I say thanks and I love you all!!

So what have I learned?

1.  Friends come in all forms and some you never meet in person!
2.  You don't have to be tied to your computer to blog every little thing!  Lin taught me to take the weekends off for more important things like my family!
3.  Encouragement can come from a comment left on a blog (thanks Chuck) or a card (thanks Petula) from someone you have never met face to face!
4.  Finally, I have learned that the real me is more interesting than any "personality" I could dream up and that being real is more important than having thousands of followers!

So, now you know what has been on my brain lately!  Let me leave you with a preview of a recent family session!  I just love word of mouth advertisement that comes with loving what you do and doing a good job at what you love!!

To see the rest of the family you can hop on over to my photography blog!!  Have a great week!


Lin said...

Chuck and I just exchanged emails on this same thought! We were saying what good friends we have made in the blog world. Isn't it funny??!

I love that we met in person and were fast friends. I know that when I see Chuck and Petula in person (and I know that I will someday), that I am going to feel the same way with them.

Pallies--Aren't we all??? ;)

Secondary Roads said...

Jo, Thanks for the shout.

It's like Lin says, we are friends. I appreciate seeing the world through your eyes (via the camera lens). And am inspired by the post processing that you do to your images with the same software that I use.

Like you, I started the blog for family, and continue for the same reason. Along the way (two years in January), new friends have entered the scene. Some of them were short visits and others are still here. I'm glad that you are in the latter group.


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