Monday, January 24, 2011


I am just in a mood today so I have been making lists!  Lots of lists!  You know, sort of like a pro/con list that I would make if I were making a big decision.  I like to see things in black and white because it helps me wrap my mind around things better!  Today's lists were a little different because they all pertain to things I like or don't like in general.  No big decisions going on here!  Here they are:

Things I like!
1.  The smell of new camera gear.
2.  The smell of a freshly bathed baby.
4.  The sun on my face and my toes in the sand.
5.  Bunny therapy!
6.  Snickers Latte with whipped cream.
7. Spa days.
8.  My iPhone 4.
9.  Watching the Diva learn something new.
10.  Being creative.

Things I don't like!
1.  SNOW, we have had too much already!
2.  Ham and Beans.
3.  Being too cold or too hot.
4.  Driving long distance.
5.  Running out of ice cream.
6.  Mean people.
7.  Having too little time to have fun.
8.  Going to the dentist or doctor.
9.  Running out of creative muses.

So there are my lists for today.  I am praying for the sun to be on my face soon and it would not hurt if I could find some warm sand for my toes either.  For now I will settle for some bunny therapy with our 15 lb bunny!  Oh yeah, I also like the new Topaz plug-in I downloaded for editing!  I re-edited this photo and I am loving it!!


Secondary Roads said...

Love that photo. Really neat! Is that a reflection of the photographer?

Secondary Roads said...

There is an award for you today on my blog.


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