Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday! La la la la la la!

No I am not really in the mood to sing about Monday!  This particular Monday brought me a nasty cold so I am still in my jammies just hanging out and playing with some photos!  The Diva has done a couple of shoots for me to get ready to make her Valentine's cards!  That's right, we are making her cards in photoshop!  You won't find those overpriced cards coming from this house!  LOL!  I know what you are thinking!  I have a month to get these done but I am now ahead of schedule so I am good to go.

We did the shoots inside with my new lighting setup and some makeshift backgrounds so I really needed to play anyway to get the setup correct and she was in the mood to cooperate!  BIG shock there!  We had fun and she got candy so it was a win-win situation.

In other news, I have been checking into a Disney vacation and I have to say that I am a little OK a lot shell shocked!  WOW! $145 per person for two days in the park so almost $600 just for tickets that is not including airfare or food or anything!  Now, I would love to take my kids but at this rate they will have to grow up and pay for themselves or I will have to win the lottery!  This vacation would be the equivalent of me doing 6-10 weddings just to pay for it all!  WOW!  Did I say that already?  I think it is worth saying again!!  WOW!

My head is starting to hurt just thinking about it so I will leave you with this teaser of the Diva!  Happy Monday to you all!


vanilla said...

Indeed. Talk about your "family friendly" vacation.

Lin said...

Look into the packages because sometimes it can be doable. Disney is wonderful, but expensive.

You don't need a top of the line hotel because you aren't in it much and we shipped food down in a box to our room. We saved a ton by bringing cereal, snacks, and such to eat for breakfast in our room. You can also bring snacks and water into the park.

I hope you can swing it--it is a magical place!


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