Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Help or Not to Help

That is the question weighing heavily on the mind of my little Diva!  OK, maybe not but I like to think that she ponders her choices!  She loves to be a help when it is convenient for her and her favorite place to help is the kitchen.  She loves to go to the fridge and get out the milk and eggs, heck, she even likes to fold laundry.  Wonder if she likes to match socks?

What she does not like to do is pick up a mess that she has made!  She has a million excuses for not picking up her toys!  My current favorite is:  I am only one little human!  To which I respond:  Yes, that is true and I am only one mommy who did not create this mess!  After that she is speechless but does nothing to clean up the mess until I get a garbage bag and start throwing toys into it!  Yes, I roll like that!  And, YES, I have given away bags of toys to the Salvation Army!  I am mean, I know!  Please no hate mail!

All I am trying to do is create a sense of responsibility in my child to clean up her own messes!  I could go on and on about how the three people, two dogs and a bunny who reside with me think I am the only one who should lift a finger to keep the house clean but I will spare you the rant that would ensue.  I think I need a vacation, on a tropical beach with a cabana boy to bring me fruity juice drinks and rub oil on my back all day long!  Wishful thinking!

Here is the Diva's latest attempt at helping!  She loves to be my test subject when I set up my lights and backdrops for a shoot.


Lin said...

Oh, I have done that too--no hate mail from me!

I did what my mom did--if you left your things out, you got one warning. Then everything would go "bye bye"--and I used that when the kids were big too. That used to drive them crazy!! What did that mean? Were they gone forever? Do we get them back?

Nope. Gone. Forever.

I think I did it once with something little, but they NEVER questioned it again.



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