Friday, April 1, 2011

Bunny Goes To School

Wait!!!!  Isn't that the name of a children's book?  Who knows!  Anyway, yesterday was pet parade day at the Diva's preschool and she was excited to take her pet bunny, Bocephus, to show her class!  I was less excited because I had to figure out how to get him there and then how to keep him still so the kids could pet him.

I lucked out and was able to borrow a pet taxi from a neighbor.  I also went to the pet store and purchased a harness for said bunny!  I wish there would have been someone here to video me putting that harness on a, less than cooperative, 16 pound rabbit!  He was not amused with the whole production!  I finally got it on him and comfortable and then put him in the pet taxi where he proceeded to scratch at the door to be let out.  Then there was the car ride!  I tried to be as easy as possible but he scratched at the floor of the pet taxi as if he were digging a tunnel to China.

I arrived early so I could get him out to stretch before he was bombarded by 12 3/4 year olds and he LOVED the grass so much that I could barely keep up with him!  After a time of play, I picked him up to carry him across the road to where the kids were eagerly waiting!  The whole parade consisted of a beagle, 4 pocket dogs and our Bobos!

All the kids loved him and wanted to have their picture taken with him!  They would sit on the ground and I would place him in their lap and Miss Marcy would snap the picture.  He did so well that I am considering using him for a photography prop for some Easter shoot!  Make him earn his keep ya know!

Poor bunny was worn out when we got home!  He got a little rest before the Moody Teen picked him up to take him to a soccer game that he was watching!  Maybe I should write a book called Bunny's Big Day!


I am Harriet said...

Hi Jo.
Stopping by to say hello.
Diva is getting so big!

Enjoy your weekend!

Secondary Roads said...

Bocephus is one pretty boy! He sure had one busy day.


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