Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Yesterday we traveled to Springfield for my heart procedure. I was nervous but OK for the most part! I had to check in by noon so we left home around 9:30 to allow us to find St. John's since we had never been there! We found it with no problem!

Once there I went through check in and labs before being taken to another floor where the procedure would be done. Around 12:30 a nurse took me back to prep me which took about 45 minutes then the Knight got to come hang out with me until they took me back for the procedure around 3:15. By this time I was just ready to be done so I could eat!

The room they took me to was full of computer monitors and high tech gadgets. They started prepping and before I knew it we were starting. The kicker is that I was awake for the whole procedure! I kept my eyes closed, of course, but I heard and felt it all!!

They gave me adrenaline, which my heart beat like crazy! At on point it felt like my heart was doing the wave. Then they started burning the troubled areas. I felt that too but it felt like really bad heartburn! I winced once and the anesthesiologist gave me some more of my feel good cocktail! He was awesome!

Two hours later, it was over and I was on my way to my recover suite. It was a great little private room! As soon as I was in, the Knight was by my side. I had to lay flat for an hour and then I got dinner! Not a snack but a full blown dinner that I chose before surgery!

After dinner, I walked a lap around the nurses station and by 7:00 PM I was on my way home! The procedure was a complete success with on 2% chance of recurrence. Pretty good odds if you ask me!

The one question I made sure the Knight asked Dr. Mouton was: when can I run again? The answer: Wednesday!! I was so excited to hear this news since I have a 5K on the 31st!

I am going to leave you with a photo, taken the night before my procedure, taken at our Candlelight service. My friend, Jill, signed the words as I sang Labor of Love! Photo by Joey Bright.



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