Wednesday, May 2, 2012


No, that is not the number of miles that I run in a week but it is the number of pounds that I have lost in 11 months! The weight is coming off much slower now that I am within 10 pounds of my final goal but I am still pushing forward!

I get lots of questions about how I did it and where to start and my answers are always the same! First, see your doctor for a complete physical to make sure your body is ready. Second, start eating better! I go by the 90/10 rule. I eat perfect 90% of the time and allow myself to eat what I want 10% of the time! No food is taboo in my world! Third, put one foot in front of the other! In July of 2011, I started walking/running and in January of this year I added cross training at my local YMCA! This includes: cycling, kickboxing and strength training. Last, NEVER GIVE UP!

I know that the last one is tough but it really is important since you didn't put the weight on in one day do it will take time and work to take it off! I have persisted and I will soon reach my goal! Has it been easy? NO! Has it been worth it? YES! It has become a way of life for me!

There are some great benefits too! More energy, small clothes (from a 16 to a 6/8) and tons of compliments! The best benefit, however, is seeing my 5 year old daughter make smart eating choices! I hope that she never has to struggle with her weight because I was proactive in the things that I have taught her!

Here is another benefit: crossing the finish line in a 5K or better yet, crossing the finish line with my running buddy and her dad during Girls on the Run and having my little Diva there to witness the awesomeness of the moment!


Secondary Roads said...

Congratulations Jo. The change in you is amazing. Your face joy and energy in a way that it didn't before you began this regimen. Keep on keeping on.


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