Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Runny Nose and All

So it's concession time here and I hope I'm not alone in this malady that plagues me daily! Here goes nothing: my nose runs when I workout. I'm not talking just a little drip but a bonafide river coming from my nose type of thing.

The other day I did a burpee and had the inevitable river running rampant! During the next burpee, I wiped out! I pretended it was from all the sweat pouring from my body but, the likely culprit was probably my river of snot! Seriously, it is THAT bad!

I carry tissue but a whole box per workout is redonkulous so I started taking my own towels to the gym. I didn't think they would appreciate my snotting in their towels! Besides, no one gets paid enough to wash a strangers snot ridden towel! Just sayin'!

Add seasonal allergies to the workout snot problem and you have a huge snotty mess! I started Claratin today and may add Zyrtec to the mix if that doesn't work!

I took two days off of my normal workouts to get my symptoms under control but tomorrow I will be running and I'm sure my nose will be running with me!



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