Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall has found us!!

I LOVE FALL! Can I say that any louder? This is, without a doubt, my absolute FAVORITE time of year! I love the colors, I love the "fall" foods and I love the cooler weather! When I woke up this morning it was a wonderful 51 degrees with an expected high of only 65! As Sadie would say, "65, I love it".

I think Sadie is going to have a green thumb (which she does not get from me). I was given the most beautiful rust colored mum and I neglected it! Not on purpose but life happens and plants cannot beg for food or water (unlike my dogs). Spencer is surprised that the kids are still alive considering my track record with plants! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Sadie! She was helping me revive the mum yesterday by picking the dead bulbs of the ends. If we would have done this Sunday there would have only been 5 blooms left but yesterday there were over 50 that were still trying to survive so we cleared the dead ones away and she gave it some water and we set it in the sun to see what happened! This morning when we got up it looked like a totally new plant. It was alive and colorful and ready to be put back out front with the other mums (it had been taken to the backyard to be rehabilitated).

I think that people are like my mums, sometimes they just need a second (or third or forth) chance to show us what they can do! I know several people like this and sometimes they are hard to care for because they have become ugly and withered by life, all they need is a little pruning, a little water and a lot of TLC! Sound like someone you know? Let's all try a little harder to cultivate our relationships today who knows what will happen, someone just may surprise us! ;)




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