Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apples and Pumpkins and Gourds, Oh My!! A Weekend in Pictures.

We were on the go from the moment we got out of bed on Saturday until late Monday afternoon!! Talk about sensor overload for one little Diva, but she had lots of adventures along the way!!
Running on the prairie while I took pictures at Lincoln Log Cabin. The Diva and daddy had a great morning together!!
Sunday after church we headed to The Great Pumpkin Patch with daddy! She started out in the wagon but did not stay there for long!
She made a new friend!! I think the two daddies were playing matchmaker!! LOL! They know each other and now the two year olds are best buds!!
I just love this grass stuff!! I really did not know that it gets that tall!! I am trying to convince the Knight to put it around our fence line for privacy but he is not buying it!! Sigh.....
I just adore fall! Look at these gorgeous colors!! I could live in fall all year round!! LOL!
Monday morning found us at the Curtis Apple Orchard and I could not resist this picture! Look at the size difference between my two babies!!
The Diva loves to stick her head in these cutouts and get her picture taken! I wish you could hear her during this photo because she is buzzing like a bee! Too funny!
Wondering which way to go next. There was so much to see and do that she could not decide.
Playing and posing in an apple crate. Then she decided she was playing hide and seek and that she was "it" first!!

The Chief statue at the orchard! He was huge and no, there is nothing under the loin cloth!! We checked!! LOL!
This little cutie was in the same spot the whole time we were there. I wonder if he knows the guy he is curled up with is just some mechanical dude!!
The forgotten wagon! I just liked the shot so I took it! Kind of nostalgic don't you think?
By the end of the day we were all exhausted but the kids wanted to trek out to the actual pumpkin patch so the Diva caught a ride and off we went (apple sipper in tow).

Wow, what a weekend!! Now it is back to editing and laundry and shopping and house work and cars that have been hit by buses while parked at the moody teen's place of employment!! I will save that story for another day!!


Lin said...

I'm not sure which of these photos I love more! Love the two kids "measuring up" and the wagon. But I also love how grown up your little one looks in the first shot. And the kitty? Sheesh, I might have to bring Hobbes along for our photo shoot!

Unknown said...

Cars hit by buses? Oh my... I'll have to be sure not to miss that story.

You guys were definitely busy. I love the one of her walking through the meadow especially with the colors of her sweater and hat. Each photo is fabulous. How cute to show them at varying heights. Big difference. Funny, my teen is only about 5'2" so it seems like the kids are almost as tall as she is. LOL

Excellent photos and story as usual.


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