Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing Fred and Phyllis Frog

Meet Fred and Phyllis Frog, they are the newest member of the Diva's shoe collection family! They arrived yesterday in all their green glory! She had spotted Fred and Phyllis's cousins a few weeks back at the apple orchard and wanted a pair to call her very own so I set out on a search (Amazon.com)! Yesterday evening, I opened the box and she about jumped out of her skin when she spotted them! She put them on with her jammies and wore them all evening! Come bed time, she did not want to take them off or let them out of her sight! We finally convinced her that they were tired from their long journey and needed to rest beside the bed!! Ha! Ha!!

She put them on the minute she got out of bed and wore them until time to take a shower!! Then we put them on again and there they will stay for the rest of the day! It is raining so we may have to test them out when we go to retrieve the Moody Teen from school later! In the mean time, I convinced her to do a photo shoot with Fred and Phyllis to share with you all!! I even took the time to test out my gray card to help me fix photos quickly with a couple of clicks!! She was a great gray card holder!! I know what you are thinking, that is not a gray card, it is a white, black, off white, gray card! Yup, it is multipurpose but the gray section worked for me and for Lightroom so all is right with the world!! LOL!

I got some good shots but she really did not want to cooperate today and, to be honest, neither did Fred and Phyllis! I think they are still jet lagged from their trip to our house!!

Hope you all have a great day!!


Lin said...

Oh, I want some frog boots too! They are very snappy.

Lola said...

Those boots are adorable! And I bet they go with every outfit. Lol!

JAS said...

Wow - Love the boots, and that is one cute "Darling Diva" you have there!

Verna Luga said...

so cute a darling! the boots also! thanks for dropping ec on me, visit me back!

Unknown said...

They are cutest! My kids would love them. I hope she doesn't wanna wear them everyday for the next month or so.


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