Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Wah, wah, wah...............So I told you the other day that the Moody Teen had his final concerts of his High School career and I was all set to be the doting mom with camera (and Diva) in tow.  I got to the school, found my seat and proceeded to get my gear ready for some marathon picture taking of my Senior in all his glory (1 vocal solo, 1 vocal duet and 4 trumpet solos) when my heart dropped out of my chest and hit the floor with a palpable thud!  I had my camera, my 2 favorites lenses, a flash and extra batteries but not 1 memory card!  The concert was starting in 10 minutes and there was no time to run home!  Wow, I cannot believe I did this, but I did!  To top it all off, I didn't even have my point and shoot that I carry in my purse because I just tossed my wallet into my camera bag and took off. 

Let's recap:  No memory cards, no point and shoot, now what?  My trusty iPhone4!  Yup, that's all I had to capture this moment that would soon be history!  I cried my was through the first couple of songs and then realized that there was nothing I could do but enjoy the night and try not to beat myself up for being an epic failure!  I did manage to get one song on video using my phone so that helped a little!  When I told the Moody Teen what I had done, he just laughed!  I was relieved that he didn't seem to mind my failure. 

Lesson learned!  I ordered 4 more memory cards to carry in my bag for back up of my back ups!


Secondary Roads said...

Oh Jo, that had to have hurt. I only have three spare cards. At least you had the phone. Sylvia's point and shoot has some built-in memory, so it works without a card for a few pix. They are not easy to retrieve.

That was a nice performance. I enjoyed it.


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