Thursday, March 25, 2010

Been A Little Busy......Sorry!

I know that nothing should get in the way of our bloggy friendships but sometimes I need to do some work and by work I mean playing with photographs and doing shoots and booking more shoots and designing all the fun stuff that helps me promote my business!  So work, really?  NO, not work, just time consuming!

Today was rainy and cold so after I showered and put on fresh jammies and stuck a load of laundry in, I started to work on my CD/DVD Label and the photo cards that I give to each client!  Here is what I came up with:

Here is the label that will grace the front of the CD/DVD (with the current client's photo of course)!  I used all of the colors in my logo to design the stripes!  I am just in love with these colors!  And together???  Let's just say they make me very happy!!  LOL!

Here are the client cards!  Again, they will have photos of the current client and they will be able to give them to friends and family as a way of referral!  These are much cooler than those itty bitty business cards that don't show potential clients your work!  I carry several of these with me that have multiple clients represented and I always get a great response like:  "These are so cool!  What a great way to show off your work!"  These are also great for hanging on a public bulletin board!  This stands out while that itty bitty business card gets lost!!

So this is what I have been busy with besides life!!   You know the laundry, the dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Besides, the Diva was not feeling well last night but is much better today!  So lots going on around here!

Tomorrow will be packed with lots of cool stuff like lunch with my "sister in Mattoon", Laurie!  She is making lunch and we will be working on some music!  She also has a cool four pane window for me that I plan on converting to the coolest picture frame you have ever seen!  I will post pictures when it is done!!

Tomorrow evening I will be meeting up with Diana (you can find her here and here) and her soon-to-be Senior for his Senior Rep shoot!  I have not seen her since last fall so I am looking forward to it!  Then after the shoot the Knight, the Diva and I will be dining with Crissie!  Not sure if it will be pizza or Mexican on the menu but it will be good no matter what we do!!

Well, consider yourself up to date on daily life in the middle of a cornfield!!  Come on back for more madness and photos!


Secondary Roads said...

Nice CD label and I like the client cards. The granddaughter received a similar card from her photographer.

I've added Life's Perfect Pictures to my Blog List. I should have done it sooner.

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

I am EXCITED about the pics today. Teen is still in bed and probably won't shower until the last moment. He needs to unpack from last week's trip so that his clothes will be cleaned today!!

Mom said...

Love the label and the photos are bad either!

Nikki Scott said...

Hey Jo....great blog I found you when I was browsing through Diana's blog. I love the idea of the photo client cards, what size do you make these??
3x5, 4x6,5x7??? Also, just wondering is you designed your logo yourself or had someone do it for you?? Can you tell I'm a newbie photog looking for good ideas and advice. Love your style!!
Cheers, Nikki can check out my blog, I currently have Diana designing a new one for me too!

Lin said...

I can't wait to see Diana's photos!! Well--her son's. :) I'm soooo glad you took our photos--I still love them. :)

Chuck--What took you so long???!

Anonymous said...

I came over by way of Secondary Roads. Loved his video of you. Beautiful song.
Also love the HAPPY colors you use. Not enough to wish I still had a teen in the house, but I do love the idea of using it on a busy bulletin board.


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