Sunday, March 21, 2010

Focusing on Angles - I ♥ faces Week 12

I am one of those photographers who will do just about anything to get a cool shot so when they announced that this weeks theme would be angles I thought of several shots and then chose this one of a recent senior rep shoot! Zoey did not want to shoot on EIU's campus because everyone who lives in town does that BUT there was one thing she did not anticipate...............her mom's passion for the old Booth Library!! You see, mom graduated on these very steps that were built by her great great grandfather!! Her mom considers this HER library!! LOL! So at the end of the shoot we decided to make mom happy since she was paying and headed toward the library!

Since Zoey did not want the same thing that everyone else does, I took a lower angle and shot up to get the awesome architecture of the building and just a little sky! I was on the steps with my head and face pushed into the stones but I got what I was after! In the end both mom and Zoey were pleased!!

See what other angles people came up with over at i ♥ faces!!


Farmgirl said...

I love the texture!Nice location.

Alice said...

wow, jo! this is beautiful! i love the texture you put on it, also. and what a great memory in photo for her mom to have. i'm glad you and zoey got this shot! thanks for sharing :) and thanks for your comment on my post!

The one with the View said...

A Fun, and Funky shot, and perfect for the theme. GREAT back story too! Nice job

The one with the View said...

A Fun, and Funky shot, and perfect for the theme. GREAT back story too! Nice job

Julie Rivera said...

What folks need to see is pictures of US getting pictures of them! :) I can say that your presumed discomfort was well worth it for this unique take on a common setting. Lovely!

Unknown said...

Love it! The texture is awesome.

Katherine Schultz said...

This is great and the texture is even better :)

Love your work.

Check out my blog at

K xx


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