Friday, March 12, 2010

I Have Hired A Personal Trainer

OK, not really but I did buy the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred for $9 at Walmart!  Today is day number 2 of the workout and let me tell you it is tough but I am feeling better already!!  20 minutes a day and I get strength and cardio all in one session!  My muscles are feeling it today but pressed on through day 2 and I am glad I did!

I hate to post about workout and weight issues but I am really excited about this DVD and I had to share with all my friends!  So my scale died so I do not know my starting weight but I hover at the same spot so I am guessing that losing 55 lbs would put me where I want to be!  My first goal is to lose around 25 pounds by my birthday at the end of May!  What a great present to myself!  I could go get some new clothes for the upcoming summer season!!!!

Why now?  What makes this different than the last time you started?  Well, several things!!  Number one is my health!  I am flirting with heart issue (I already have SVT), diabetes (runs in the family and I had it during my pregnancy with the Diva) and other stuff that comes with carrying extra weight around! 

When the Knight was is in the Army, I had some great personal trainers and I was in the gym 5 days a week.  As soon as PT was over for the soldiers, I was in the gym!  How could I resist, it was all FREE!  So I would do weights and run on the treadmill in under an hour!  Then twice a week I would go to step aerobics and boxing class and sometimes I would throw a regular aerobics class in for fun!  Did I mention that it was all FREE?  I loved working out and it kept me from thinking to hard about my husband who was in Iraq!

It was also fun to send him photos of my progress!  It gave him something to look forward too and me something to work towards!  The end reward was, of course, when he came home and saw me in person!  All dolled up in new clothes, heels, hair done (not blue green but that is another story for later), and makeup just right!  So my goals have changed a little because my hubby is here and not Iraq, thank goodness!  I have not told him what I am doing!!  I am just going to see if he notices because he notices little things like that!!

Yes, I have modified my eating but I refuse to deny myself so my motto is "Everything in moderation"!  Like tonight I know will be pizza night here at my house so I am watching what I eat today very carefully and will only eat 2 pieces of the pie and be happy about it!!

I will keep you posted and there will be some before and after shots later!  Have a great weekend and get out and get active!!


Lin said...

I've heard that is a great work out! Good for you!! I know you can do it!!! :)

Secondary Roads said...

You will win Jo! Because you are a winner!


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