Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh The Drama!

The Diva and I were spending a drama free afternoon on the deck yesterday and it was wonderful until........... duh duh duuuuuuuh.......drama ensued!!  I decided we needed to go in and get out of the sun (no the Diva did not object) in came the Diva and one dog (we have two)!  I hollered for Zoe the pit bull but she did not come!  I promised her a treat, and still no Zoe!  Finally, I head a knocking sound coming from under the deck!  I stepped off the deck, bent down and this is what I saw:

Yup, she was under the deck and she would not budge!  So, I went in to get treats to coax her out!  It didn't work!

At this point, I knew she was stuck!  She does weigh 65 pounds and has a very broad chest and shoulder area so she couldn't get out!!  The Diva, well I will let the photo speak for itself!

I assured her that we would get Zoe out but it may take some help from an outside source if I could not do it!!  And then there is this guy, who thought it was funny that Zoe was stuck!  He thought it was so funny that he was rolling on the ground with laughter!!

The nerve of some people!!  I mean really, this was a dramatic situation and all he could do was laugh and eat the treats I was trying to use to coax Zoe from under the deck!!

I ended up calling the Knight to come home and rescue his dog!  He came riding up on the new motorcycle like a hero and rescued the poor damsel in distress!  Ha!  Ha!  Anyway, he dug her out and rode off into the sunset (back to work) and the rest of us went in the house to recover from our harrowing ordeal (LOL) with chocolate shakes for the humans, water for the dogs and a nap for all!!


Unknown said...

Wow. Sounds like quite the ordeal. I am glad everyone (and dog) is ok!


Jenera said...

That is too funny! We don't have a deck but Tango gets stuck in the pickups because he won't jump down after I accidentally ran him over. But I can definitely see how the broad chest would make it very difficult.

Lin said...

Well, how did she get under there in the first place??? Silly dog! Glad she is safe. :)


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