Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yup, wonky is my new favorite word!  Let me give you a definition!!

Wonky:  weird, out of sorts, not right, funny, strange or weird.

I am using wonky to describe our weather today because at first it was sunny, then it clouded over like it would rain and then sunny again!  Now the clouds are back!  I am looking for storms to pop up sooner or later!  In the mean time, the four amigos (me, the Diva and the two dogs) donned the sun screen, grabbed the camera and headed outside to my new favorite "room" in the house!  Sorry front porch but you are so last year and the back deck is so NOW!

I just hang out while the Diva and the dogs play!  Well, I don't JUST hang out, I take photographs and "practice" my manual exposure (I shoot 100% manual, 100% of the time) because you can never practice enough and sometimes I find a cool creative exposure that I love!  So here is some of what I saw today!

This is my prize for the day!!  I have had no luck with roses in the four summers we have been here, until now!  I finally figured out that the spot under the overhang of the house, gets very little rain so I have to water it on a regular basis!  I also stopped buying those "roses in a bag", where you get the stem and roots but have to wait for it to grow and bloom!  Those never worked for me!  I spent the money and got a great start that was ready to bud and went from there!

Then there was this!
A girl and her dog just hanging out with nothing better to do but keep each other company!  Be still my heart!!  And then they decided to really relax together!!  I am dying here!!  I just love my girl and her dog!!


Secondary Roads said...

The rose is beautiful and I love that shot of it. My favorite, however, is Sadie and her dog lounging on the lawn. Contentment. Sigh . . .

Alice said...

what awesome pics of your girl and her dog - great memories right there!


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