Friday, June 25, 2010

Finding Beauty Where You Live

As most of you regular visitors know, I have a passion for photography!  OK, it boarders on obsession but who cares right?  Anywhoo, I am lucky because my obsession is also my business which can sometimes get in the way of the passion I feel!  All I am saying is once in a while you have to take a step back and do what you love just for the love of it!  I take breaks from the business of my passion and just go out and shoot to shoot! 

Many people ask me where I get the inspiration for some of my shots and ask where the locations are but most of the time are disappointed when I tell them my own backyard!  I also include the city in which I live my own backyard!  I am never far from inspiration and that was proven on Thursday morning when I walked down my front steps to see my Gerber Daisy (my current fav) had given me another beautiful bloom!  I ran in got my camera and sat on my steps to do some shooting in the early morning light!!

I also need to make another confession here!  I am in LOVE with my camera!  There I said it!  I would marry it if I could because it is an extension of me!  I have never felt this way about a piece of gear before except for my iPhone which is a close second!

Back to business!  When I had taken a million shots of this one daisy, I turned to go back up the steps and saw this:

I love the shadows that the sun shining from the east creates on my humble abode!  So next time you are looking for some inspiration try walking out your front door early on a sunny morning and you just might be surprised at what you find!  Try getting up just before sunrise for a special treat for your eyes and your senses! Happy shooting!


Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You have a great eye. I really wish I had a fancy camera like yours so I can make my photos even better. I like taking photos, but I'm no where near as advanced as you are. Doubt anyone would pay me. :-)

Secondary Roads said...

The finest camera and the most powerful image processing software is useless without your own observant eyes. It is your eyes and your mind that envisions the final product. A lovely flower and an interesting pattern on the stairs. I love it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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