Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer on Steroids

I am referring to the heat, first because it has been horribly hot here lately with a chance of pop up storms because of the heat!  It is a viscous cycle!  Then there are actual steroids!  The poor Diva had a reaction to something a few weeks ago that left her with a rash!  A doctor (not her normal pediatrician)  said it is eczema put this cream on it and use lots of lotion!  OK, I did what she said but seven days later, she was covered from head to toe and I called the doctor's office again and got her into her regular doctor!  He told me it was an allergic reaction and put her on steroids.  Fine, not a problem!  The rash went away but seven days later it came back!  Ugh!!  The only difference was that I finally knew that it was her sun screen that was causing the reaction so I called the doc on Friday and asked if he would call in another round of steroids?  Here is where it gets interesting!!  Friday evening I gave her 1 tsp. just like the last perscription but Saturday morning I read that the bottle tells me to give her 2 tsp. twice a day for five days!  OK, maybe he thinks she needs something stronger so starting Saturday morning, I give her 2 tsp.  I repeat the same 2 tsp. in the evening and on Sunday morning!  It is then that I realize that something is NOT right at all!!  She looked like she had 2 black eyes and she was pale as Casper the ghost!  Right after church she fell asleep until Aunt Angel and Grandma got to the house!  She woke up and played with them but you could tell she did not feel good!  After they left she went back to sleep for a few hours!  I had already decided to call the doctor the next morning because my girl does not act like this unless something is wrong!  Sunday evening I cut the dosage to 1 tsp.  Monday morning she was up at 5:30 AM and back asleep by 6:30 and slept until 10:30!  NOT normal at all so I called the pharmacy to confirm what the doctor had called in and the Pharmacist said in his opinion the dose was way to high and advised that I call her doctor!  I called the office and left a message and the nurse called me back and confirmed that the dose was, indeed, too high!!  It should have only been 1 tsp. twice a day for 5 days!  I was overdosing my child!!  I was angry because I did not know where the mistake was made:  the doctor (nurse) who called it in or the pharmacy!  I am still upset that someone did not catch it in a double checking process somewhere!  I have all my meds filled at the same pharmacy so they should have checked her age and weight somewhere along the line!!  Poor girl!!  She is feeling better now!  I am so thankful that I called and stopped giving her too much!!

On a happy note, the Diva has discovered a love for corn-on-the-cob!!  I think the photos speak for themselves!!



Lin said...

I think she is hard to medicate because she is so tiny. I think you should always check and double check with your pharmacist from now on. How scary!

Anonymous said...


Secondary Roads said...

Poor Sadie having to go through that terrible experience. I can understand your anger and upset over that whole mess.

I am sooo with Sadie when it comes to corn on the cob. I am so ready . . .


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