Monday, September 29, 2008

The Battle of Wills.

Okay, I am going to assume that you have all seen a nature show where two male deer are going at it full force. Locking antlers, twisting, turning, fighting for what each one wants. I expect that this is much what the scene at my house looked like Saturday evening between Spencer and his daughter who, by the way, has a will that matches her fathers. Let me set the stage:

We were at the high school for the final performance of Zach's play and Sadie was becoming restless and wanting "down, down". I settled her with crackers and her sippy cup and prepared to watch the first act of the play but as soon as the lights dimmed I knew that she was NOT going to cooperate in the least. So.............Spencer volunteered to take her home and then I could ride home with his mom who also came to see the show! I settled in and watched the show without concern for my husband and young daughter who were probably home watching Noggin or reading a book.

When the play was over and I was on the way home I called to make sure everyone was OK only to find out that our little princess had been "testing" her daddy all night long. She hit the TV and then laughed when Daddy told her no. She then proceeded to climb on the ottoman to the rocker glider all the while laughing because she knew daddy was getting frustrated with her games. He finally had to move the ottoman to another room so she wouldn't get hurt. The final act of this battle of wills happened innocently enough. Sadie was playing with her toys and daddy was looking at a magazine with his feet propped up on the coffee table when suddenly, with out warning, she bit his leg! She has done this to me several time so I thought it was funny that she finally did it to him. He didn't think it was funny at all!

When I arrived home the house was a mess with toys strewn everywhere! I could tell there had been a battle! Everyone was happy to see me especially my little angel, whose devil horns (pig tails) were crooked.



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