Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Need to Know Basis.

I am out running errands this morning, namely, getting my son a shirt for his costume for the play this weekend when I get a text from number 1 that says: "Is there any way you can pick me up some stuff to make my lunch and buy some day old bread for me to snack on during the ROTC trip?"

My first thought is what trip, to where and more importantly WHEN!? I really was clueless (not something new). So I text him with my questions and in response I get a ?. To which I reply details please. Now he is starting catch on to what information I am needing or at least I hope he is. Finally we are on the same page and I learn that the trip in on Friday and they are going to New Salem (which they do every year). I am now fully informed even though I had to pull teeth to get the info.

This is much like the rest of my life in dealing with a teenager, it is all on a need to know basis. He keeps us at arms length and only tells us what he wants us to know which usually requires money or consent or both. All this from my sweet, little adorable blond baby who USED to tell me literally everything even if it meant that he got into trouble! I am having some difficulty dealing with his new found independence. I know I need to let go a little at a time but this overnight thing is tough to handle. This is my firstborn we are talking about here. Oh, I know that I still have Sadie but there is something special about your first child that makes it hard to let go especially when you are not sure that they are ready to be on their own and make good decisions. (Sigh....) Letting go is hard, holding on even harder and learning to accept the inevitable is a must! We do the best we can and then it is up to them! Fly little birdie, fly!



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