Friday, September 19, 2008

The Mother Load!

Let me just get this out of the way first! I LOVE MY HUSBAND very much but he is not the kind to change diapers especially the really (and I mean REALLY) dirty ones. He has finally agreed to keep the baby on Thursday nights so I can attend a Beth Moore Bible study at our church, I mean really, this is the least he can do since I have NEVER been away from her in her 18 months of life (except to go to the gyn). I am serious here, I have not had a minute alone to do what I want to do! Anyway, last night was night number 1 of 7 and I was very apprehensive as I pulled out of the driveway and headed to the church without my precious Sadie in tow. I just knew the house was going to fall apart as soon as I left, ok I am exaggerating but you know the feeling! Anyway, I am 2 blocks from the church when my cell phone rings and it is my husbands ring tone. With much apprehension I answer the phone "hello?" On the other end is a frazzled dad who has just changed his FIRST poopy diaper. She warned him before she did it! "Potty, potty", plops on the floor (squishing the contents of her diaper), sticking her hands in her pants and now he finally gets the hint. To make matters worse, he couldn't find the diapers even though they were on the changing table. Next, he took her diaper off to find "the mother of all loads" which she proceeded to stick her hands in. And to make matters worse, he doesn't like the brand of diaper wipe that I buy (he says they are too flimsy) but I buy the toughest ones that Huggies makes! By the way, this man has never used baby wipes on anyone but himself (while in Iraq). He finally has her all wiped off and is ready to put the clean diaper on but gets it backwards all while trying to keep her still long enough just to get the darn thing on! When I get home a couple of hours later all are glad to see me and no one looks any worse for the wear!
And YES, I enjoyed the Bible study very much and am looking forward to next week!



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