Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting the run around!

I just need to vent for a moment and then I will be fine!

When I tried to get on the computer this morning, I could not connect to the Internet so I called Mediacom. I was very polite even when the gentleman told me it was my network card that has a problem (not cheap to resolve)! I did not accept this answer and got to thinking about past issues that I have had with the firewall that I downloaded from my Internet provider. For some reason, every couple of months, it happens that I cannot get on the internet without disabling the firewall! So, now that I am (not so safely) on the net, I call Mediacom AGAIN and they tell me to call Microsoft and CA Security. They give me the number for CA and it turns out to be a bad number, so now I am mad! I start typing this post while waiting for my 3rd Mediacom rep. to answer my call (in the order it was received) and I am getting madder by the minute!

After a 5 minute wait on hold, I explain my situation to a nice young man and, as we speak, he is bringing a CA rep. up to speed with my trouble so he can help me out! I don't know why this keeps happening! The thing that really troubles me is that I woke up in a great mood and now I am not! I have more important things to do today than sit on hold! Like decorate the cookies I baked last night for tonight's "Ladies Only Cookie Party" that my neighbor is having this evening! I still need to go get a $10 gift for the exchange and figure out what I am going to wear, which is probably the most important decision I need to make!

I am still on hold as I finish this post and hopefully there will be some resolution soon!


I am Harriet said...

Been there.
Every time the wind blows from a certain western location my dsl blows and I have to call AT&T.
If it makes you feel better, entrecard was on the fritz too this morning.

Lin said...

Computers--what did we do without them?! I totally love this darned thing and completely HATE it when something goes wrong.

I hope you get it fixed soon. Maybe it's all that snow...........

Veronica Lee said...

Been there. That's why I have 2 ISP, cable(for faster access) and wireless to standby!


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