Wednesday, December 10, 2008

These beautiful brown eyes belong to my four legged daughter, Zoe. She is, by birth, a pit bull but she is also my 65 pound snuggle bunny! Her breed has gotten such a bad wrap over the years and it makes me very sad because most of these dogs are used and abused for the personal enjoyment of the owner. It goes back to that old psychology terminology, Nature vs. Nurture. Let me give you some background on my bully baby.

We got Zoe in March of 2005 before my husband deployed to Iraq for the second time in three years. She and her litter mates were born just a few block from our house at Fort Campbell, KY so we did not have far to go to view the babies. When we walked in the room where they were, both mommy and daddy greeted us with tails wagging and lots of kisses (I know that animals can tell when a dog lover is in the room). Keep in mind that this was to be my husbands dog and he was doing the looking but the minute we walked in and I saw the only little "cow" in the bunch, I knew I wanted to take her home with me! The first time we saw her she was only 2 weeks old but her black and white "cow" pattern was obvious so we told the gentleman that this is the one we wanted. He got lots of requests for my little moo moo but had to tell everyone that she was taken.

A few weeks later the guy delivered her to our house in a little box. She was only 4 weeks old but they were moving and they could not take the pups with them so I became her mommy. She was so cute and small at only 4 pounds but she had attitude and immediately showed the 2 year old beagle, Boscoe, who was the boss. Zoe slept with us, went to Rural King with us and was never far from my side! She is still under my feet all the time! The only difference now is that I am the one who gets hurt because she trips me up and I am not the most graceful person to begin with!

When Sadie was born, my husband brought her little hat home from the hospital so the dogs could get used to her scent and when we brought her home Spencer set boundaries for the dogs and they never set a paw near my chair! Both dogs knew that they were required to be good around their new "master" or daddy would go all "Dog Whisperer" on them. We have gotten loads of helpful hints from that show, check it out on the National Geographic Channel or on video at Walmart.

Zoe is especially good with the baby! Sadie can sit on her back, pull her ears and tail and even stand on her back to get on the coffee table! Zoe has never once been aggressive toward Sadie or any other human for that matter! She is a big ole lover who craves attention! In fact, I worry more about the beagle nipping the baby because he is a grouchy, old man (and getting grouchier by the year).

I guess all I am saying is don't judge a book by its cover (breed)! You may miss out on some of the best puppy love imaginable!


Lin said...

Oooh, she is very cute. I'll bet you just love her to death! There is something special about the animals that share our lives, and I'm glad that you wrote about yours today. I find they bring such joy--even when they are wrecking havoc in the house. Give her a big smoochy for me! :)

Oh-I am VERY jealous of your "snow"! Where can I get some too? It is very cool!!!!!

Lin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veronica Lee said...

My son always wanted a dog as pet but we stay in a condominium. He would have loved your dog to death!

Flo said...

As the mom of pit bull too, I think she is just gorgeous!! I got my Nala when she was 7 weeks old and she is the sweetest, most loving dog I've ever had. I keep telling her she gives pit bulls a bad name :) Thanks for sharing her with us.

Michelle said...

What a sweet picture of you dog. I have two dogs of my own and have owned many before them. My last was a 140 pound German Shepard. Talk about people being scared. He was the sweetest and most gentle dog. I agree, you shouldn't judge a dog by it's breed. Great post! I've added you to my blog list. I think you have a beautiful blog with wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.


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