Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend.

Have you ever had a friend so loyal that when it was their time to go it hurt your very soul to let them go? Duke was that kind of friend! He was always there no matter what time it was, ready with a wagging tail and a big wet kiss! He never questioned your motive and he never judged! His big brown eyes were so full of love for his family and friends.

By any standard, Duke was a mutt! He didn't care! He was loved and cared for and that is all that really mattered to him! The photo above is Duke with one of his favorite boys, my son, Zach (age 4). When they were together, they were the terrible two! I swear they could talk to each other and actually understand what the other was trying to communicate! They played ball, wrestled on the floor, snuggled on the couch and even played in the snow together!

The way I am going on about Duke would make you think that he was my dog (I wish) but he was my friend Maggie's dog. She got him when he was puppy and nursed him back from the brink when he had parvo. She trained him to be a a GREAT dog! Duke was the kind of dog that everyone hopes to have! Really, I am not kidding, he was perfect. Everyone loved Duke and wanted to steal him!

We lost Duke on Saturday. He was almost 17 years (human) old and had been in declining health for some time now. Maggie had even talked of putting him down after the holidays but Duke went in his own time!

Rest in peace my friend! You will be missed by all who had the pleasure to meet you! There will never be another you!


Ivanhoe said...

I'm sorry to hear about Duke. Rest in peace, boy.

Haley H said...

Duke sounds like a great friend, and it's hard to lose a friend like that.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful post about him. I am sorry to hear that. How is your son taking it?

Lin said...

I'm so very sorry for the loss of Duke. He sounds like a wonderful animal friend and lots of good people loved him. It's nice that he had a good, long life and that he went on his own--that is a horrible choice to have to make as a pet owner.

I hope Duke sends a new puppy to love to your friends. It's a wonderful way to honor such a sweet dog.

Please give your friends a little hug from us!

Jessa said...

Oh, how sad. I guess I'm partial because our oldest dog is also named Duke and I know how hard it's going to be down the road when it's his time to go. I hope he rests in peace.


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