Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some people are just plain rude!

I am back from my son's Christmas concert and I am fuming at the stupidity of some people! Here's the scoop: we arrive at the concert and find a seat where we hear two people directly behind us in a debate about a child's hair! After listening, we figure out that the jerk behind us is referring to OUR son and the lady beside him is coming to Zach's defense! Keep in mind that we do not know either of these people! We listen a while longer as the gentleman says that my sons hair is a reflection of his upbringing and that he has a right to speak how he wants to, about who he wants, it is his constitutional right! By this point my husband and I are starting to fume (him more so than me) and he finally turns to the guy to "set him straight".

I was worried that Spencer was going to haul off and deck the guy but he was rather polite about the whole thing! He told the rude jerk that he was talking about our son and that he better quit talking while he was ahead! The jerk kept running his mouth so Spencer told him that he had done two tours in Iraq for ungrateful morons like him! Of course I had to chime in that Zach is involved in school activities and goes to church every Sunday so he should stop judging a book by its cover! Well the jerk called the lady he was originally arguing with "white trash" and went to sit in a different location! He was gone before the concert was over, thank God!

Why do people think that they have the right to judge others, especially kids! I get so angry at the stupidity of people who don't know me from Adam and then hide behind the Constitution, what a coward! Hello........Jesus had long hair, was he bad? Are we not supposed to love everyone? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! I hope I never see him again and if I do, I may have to give him a Bible with some key verses highlighted!


Lin said...

Oh, Jo, I'm sorry some ass ruined your concert and your afternoon. Some people are just plain idiots and don't get it--imagine what their lives must be like, living like a loser. I'm glad that you stood up for yourselves and said something--I'm proud of you both.

Don't think about it another minute! Don't let their shallow mind influence one second of your life--then you allow them to "win". Usually those kinds of people have issues--so I guess we should feel sorry for them. It's hard, I know. Who cares what he or anybody else thinks of your family? You have a wonderful son (and the rest of your family) and who cares what some moron thinks?!

I'm sending a group hug for you and your family!! :)

Veronica Lee said...

I totally agree with Lin.

I am Harriet said...

What a dumbass.
Some people just do not get it.

He's lucky that there were not people behind him talking about rude dumbasses.

MamaFlo said...

OMG!!! The audacity of some people never fails to amaze me. Sadly there are lessons to learn even from ignorant asses.
I'm sorry you had to listen to anyone say rude and inconsiderate words about your child.
I would imagine that man is carrying around a heart and soul full of stinky baggage from his own childhood.

Unknown said...

That's terrible. You would think he would apologize when he realized he was speaking unkind. But that just shows you what type of world we live in.

Mom said...

What a jerk! I would have slapped him I am sure of it!


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