Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordful Wednesday by Sadie

I can see that is becoming habit! Mommy says it is important for me to keep doing this since I am a the tiniest editor at Sited and Blogged where my Mommy is a photo editor! I guess what they say about like Mother like Daughter is true! Mommy says that I am becomining more of a diva with all the fame that I have. Ha! I do lots of things like my Mommy these days! She is getting a little upset that I won't use the big girl potty like she does but I will when I am ready!

I still hate naps and LOVE ice cream! I also love to torment the dogs and my bubby when he is on the computer! I love to play on the porch and at the park and I LOVE my kickity balls (I have 4 including one big one)!

Mommy has been taking care of Daddy cause he got sick yesterday! He is a really big baby when he doesn't feel good! Mommy says most men are that way! Ha! I am a baby when I get sick too but I am a baby so I am supposed to be that way!!

Mommy has been taking lots of pictures and talking to clients during the day so she is pretty busy! Oh, I forgot to tell you that she will be watching a 6 month old three days a week until the end of May because his Mommy got a job and the sitter that will be watching him doesn't have an opening until then! I love babies, they are so cute! Not sure I will want to share my toys with him or not, he may have to bring his own (he just lives next door)!

Think I will snuggle with the dogs and give Mommy a small break for now! I see you later!!


I am Harriet said...

Dude- We gotta hook up for some DQ!

Tammy said...

I'm sure you will be a big help to mommy with the baby. You will have to be a big girl then. Love the first picture of you, you are very pretty.

Unknown said...

Ha. I love how you tell it from her side. Thanks for leaving that great comment and I look forward to connecting with you in the forum and getting fit together!

Sherri said...

Your pictures are beautiful:) And LOL reading life of Sadie.


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