Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Chance to Win and Lose Weight

So we all know that I am on a get fit quick kick! Is that a tongue twister or what? OK, maybe quick is not the right way to describe it but I am on a kick and I am trying to win some great new prizes that will aid in this quest! The Mom Bloggers Club and Game Crazy have teamed up to give one lucky person a Wii, EA Sports Active, plus a $50 gift certificate to Game Crazy (a $359 value). How cool is that?

Let me tell you about my weight loss story: I have gained and lost the same 60 pounds a lot over the last 20 or so years! I have been skinny and then let myself go back to my old ways! I have been skinny and then got pregnant with the diva and cursed with gestational diabetes so that when I delivered her, I ate everything that I was not allowed to eat while pregnant and gained the weight back! Actually, I went crazy to the point that I could not stop myself from eating! It is sad but true!

I love to workout...............after I get started! While my husband was in Iraq for two tours, I was in the gym everyday because I wanted him to come home to a beautiful and healthy wife! I did weights and cardio every morning and then went to a step class twice a week, not to mention boxing once a week (training only, no fights). I did it for him and I did it for me! Now I find myself back at the beginning of the journey needing to lose the same 60 pounds that have managed to creep back onto my body!

I can't afford the gym and a babysitter for the diva so I need to be able to workout at my own pace and in my own time so I can be home with her! I need to get fit to be a better example to the diva! I want her to know that her Mommy will be here and be healthy and that she needs healthy habits through out her life to be her best! I don't want her to fight the battles that I have fought! I want to give her a fighting chance right from the start!


iceah said...

cool pic you got there cute c:

I am Harriet said...

Hey Diva Mommy--
I'm with ya. My low carb Atkins diet starts tomorrow. I've thought about a Wii. I hope you win!

Memories Of Mine said...

I have the same problem with gym and babysitter. Oh sand gaining the very same weight I keep losing.

I need some inspirations to lose this weight again myself.


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