Friday, April 3, 2009

Still?? Maybe, Maybe Not!

Yeah, yeah still at a loss although yesterday was OK to start off with! It was beautiful so the diva and I went to get the oil changed and walked next door to mail the goody boxes to Lin, Lola and Petula. Lin and Lola should get theirs today since we are in the same state and Petula should have hers by Monday (sorry).

Anyhoo, the sun was shining and then it went away AGAIN so my mood went with it! Not to mention the fact that the diva would not lay down to take a nap! She would get up, I would put her back.........and this was the routine for 45 minutes!!! She just about wore me out to the point that I needed a nap but then there would have been no EC dropping and no blog reading going on! Maybe I just need to fake bake for a week at the local salon to simulate the sun! No comments please!! I know it causes skin cancer and I am not going to do it because I don't have the time!! Could you seriously see the little diva hanging out while I tan?? Puhleeeeze!

Ok, I am done being sarcastic.........for the moment!! There is good news to report! Little 5 month old Stellan is doing better and his heart has been out of SVT for sometime now! That is the power of prayer people! He has a long road ahead but things are heading in the right direction for now!!

Today's photo is a time that every parent of a little one lives for! I usually get almost 2 hours of me time while she snoozes! Yeah! This her snoozing with her sock monkey (remember those when we were kids?) affectionately named Mr. Monkey Face! He is essential for nap and bed time! The action used on this photo is called Coffeeshop Denim and it is so cool! You can do new denim, faded denim and one other that I cannot remember off the top of my brain right now! Remember that I featured Rita and her blog last Saturday and you can get all the cool actions that I have been using for free by going to CoffeeShop and checking it out for yourself!

Stop back tomorrow for I love your site Saturday! Again, it is another great one for photographers and anyone interested in photography! I am working on my give away! Sorry it is taking so long but there are loose ends to tie up to get it started!


Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful photo. I love how you've played with the color on it too.

Jackie said...

Beautiful photo and what a lovely share!!

I am Harriet said...

No way!!!

This weather makes us all a bit nutty.

Be sure to list your Sat, meme at S & B

Lin said...

Just a note to THANK YOU for my surprise!!! Wow! What a fun thing to come home to on a Friday--a package!! Woohoooo!

I absolutely love my pedicure set--and so does New Toenail. It's pretty close to being almost there, just in time for sandals. Whew!!

Loved all the little treasures, the candles, and the card. Especially the sweet thoughts inside! I, too, am glad we are pallies. You're the best!

I've got to get working on my Pay-it-forward, I've got a good idea....stay tuned. Thanks for making mine so wonderful!!

Tim said...

I remember that monkey! Love the colorization on that shot!

Love and Prayers,


Unknown said...

Cool photo!
Hey--I was wondering if you were interested in guest-posting a photo tip next week while I'm taking a blog break. I know it's really last minute, but if you already have something you could re-post, I'd love for you to be a guest on my blog! Let me know if you'd like to. :)


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