Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesday!!! EC Advertisers Listen Up!

My EC Experiment:
I accepted 21 of the billion paid ads for experimentations sake and here is what I found! First let me say that my scientific methods were not very scientific and included only hitting the refresh button 20 times and here are my findings: Of the 20 time I hit refresh the person who paid credits to show up on my widget was there 12 times or 60%! Paid ads showed up the rest of the time but not in any kind of equal rotation. One ad showed up twice, one showed up three times and then three different ads showed up one time each! SO, what happened to the rest of the 16 paid ads in my que that did not appear at all when I hit the refresh button? Another thing I noticed is less EC dropping and virtually NO EC ads to my site that paid credits to me! So my solution is as follows:

Since I am not sure how to feel about the new EC system of paid advertising I have decided to do my own version! Starting tomorrow this is how I will handle all paid ads! If you want me to accept your paid ad you MUST FIRST sign up for a normal advert that you buy from me using EC credits! Once this is done I will approve your paid EC ad, however, if you cancel your advert with me before it runs I will also cancel your paid ad. I think this is a fair deal! Just so you know, this is a family blog so I will not accept just anything to run on my blog! This will continue, so if you want me to run your paid ad you will pay me ECs to run on my widget the old way too!

Anyone else got any good ideas? Let's hear them! Just remember to be nice becuase we are all entitled to our own opinion!

I guess this self-portrait that I took a while back explains my mood and attitude pretty good right now!! LOL!


Memories Of Mine said...

I don't understand this EC add system, I haven't checked it out. But by the sounds of it you weren't getting a fair deal. Good luck with your own system of doing things.

I am Harriet said...

Flippin' figures.....

I'm not accepting any more paid ads period! I'll leave that to my sponsors and Adsense.

Stephanie said...

This seems pretty fair!

Nicole Orriƫns said...

I really wanted to read your post, since it sounded very interesting, but I couldn't read it because of the purple background.

Is my computer at fault?


Tammy said...

I'm not going to do the paid ads. Maybe someday when everything is figured out.

I want to add that I'm a fan of your site, I just love your blog and the wonderful pictures you take.

Today's picture is perfect for my mood too. Love it!!!

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

I have decided not to accept any of the paid ads!

One Creative Queen said...

Great idea! I couldn't figure out how to handle all this...and I will admit I don't totally understand it all. (It's my own fault for not researching it to learn more about it. I admit it.) The point is, the value of advertising on my site has plummeted. Seriously. So I think I'm going to try what you came up with - which seems more than fair - and if that doesn't help, I'm cutting off all paid adverts (the Harriet way).

Your pic is fantastic (needs to be poster sized with the caption, "You want what?" Or "You did what??" lol) Love your blog - you do a great job! xx

Jenera said...

From what I understand, a paid ad will show until they run out of money. So if they have multiple ads out there in EC land, they may run out of money which is why you won't see their ad.

I was approving them willy nilly but I've gone back and only approved ones that actually use EC, not outside websites. This may be against the point of it but oh well.

Jenera said...

also, you can go into settings and choose to only see ads for approval that fall into your particular category. My approvals have really dropped since I chose that option.

Jinghui said...

That's a very interesting proposal you put up here !

It might just work ! I am still analysing the impacts of the new EC advertising and those on credits.


Unknown said...

I'm a bit confused about the new system and don't even know how to keep up with it. I think what you're proposing is a good idea, but I think for me that's just too much work!

However, I could just do that and then take my CALGON bath! LOL... Yes, I received my goodies. Thanks so much. I am posting about it in a few minutes. Have a great week.

Michelle said...

Adorable picture Jo. LOL! I'm not sure how I feel about the new changes to EC either. Great going on the experiment. I tried that too yesterday, except I didn't hit refresh as many times as you. I got 2 paid ads and 1 ad purchased with EC credits. I've been picking and choosing the paid ads. If they are good for my site I'll except them. I too haven't had any ads purchased with credit lately. Just tons of paid ads. What's up with that? All these changes are so frustrating. Uggg! Hope you have a great day. Take care.

Tami said...

Love the picture...and the idea. I may have to consider doing something like that as well. I've got too long of a list of paid ads (and I've been pretty picky). It makes me sick to think about how much its cheating my regular EC advertisers. I'm going to give your idea a lot of thought. ;)

I am Harriet said...

Jo- Check out my Wordless Wednesday.... :()

Patricia Rockwell said...

I tried a similar "mini-experiment" on my blog to see how often the regular EC ads were running in comparison to the paid ads and found pretty much what you found. I am going to do nothing for a while as things "calm down" over at EC central. My main gripe about the paid ads is that those who aren't EC members are still in the queue with the EC member ads and I want to be able to tell them apart.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Great photo of you!! LOL ~ I totally don NOT get this EC Paid ad thing - I read it - but I don't get it - it's very annoying to see all these frickin ads and not know what to do with them - if you click them, will they show up before others that used their EC credits? That doesn't seem fair??!! HELP!

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! Thank you for doing that scientific/unscientific research and sharing.

Hopping on that bandwagon!!!


Da Old Man said...

I decided to be a good member of EC, and took every ad for the first 2 days. Wound up with 50 of them lined up.
I now automatically delete every single paid ad.
I may change that once things calm down, but right now, it is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

I am no longer accepting any paid ads at all.

LODS said...

another excellent suggestion. Having paid ads has really messed up entrecard in my opinion. After they launch the paid ads i hve been refresh some blogs since the widget would not appear.I never had to do this before. and like yo im not accepting anymore paid ads only ad bought by ec credits.

Lin said...

That's a good way, except I don't think these paying ads are even checking into what blogs they are appearing on. My own way is that I'll only approve those that are regular visitors to my blog, and have "bought" time with EC credits before. So, it is similar to yours, I guess.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I've only approved a couple, mostly blogs promoting etsy sites. I'm not accepting anymore either.

Mom said...

I still dont get he paid advertiser thing. My ads have totally dried up . By the way thanks for the sweet words yesterday!

Lola said...

Great photo. Did you get my email?

Laane is proposing an EC strike on Friday, April 10th. No EC drops for the day. Click here to check it out:

I have given you an award. Please stop by and check it out.

The Queen said...

I have no idea how the ads work.I don't have any ads on my site but I love that picture, too cute!

Cher said...

Like mother like daughter!

One Creative Queen said...

Argh! I'm so glad I found your post on this - I remembered reading it, but couldn't remember who said it. Even though I was by looking yesterday, I didn't see I've spent 2 days looking for it.

I'm writing a post about EC and am going to "borrow" your idea...I love what you came up with about accepting paid ads.

Please stop by and read the post if you have time and want to. :)

Frugal New England Kitchen said...

I have 3 blogs and am not accepting paid ads at all on any of them.

I have a Dropper Friendly button on my blogs that show people that I only accept ads from people who Drop on my and advertise with EC credits.

I've noticed so many of my favorite bloggers no longer have EC on their blogs at all. The amount of droppers has decreased and so have ads used by paying with EC credits.


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