Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of Picket Fences and Lillies!

After spending a wonderful day in the country on Saturday, we came home so my knight in shining armor could work on the picket fence that he has promised me for 16 years! Mind you, I never pushed the issue but he remembered (better late than never, right)! A couple of weeks ago he set the posts and Saturday he did the pickets! It rained before he could get it painted but that is OK. I know it will be done this coming weekend when the temps raise into the 80s!! I am so ready for warm, sunny weather!

While Hubby was working on the fence the diva and I were playing in the yard and I happened to go around the side of the house and to my surprise, found my Asiatic Lillies were blooming! Well at least 2 of the 4 were blooming! I was so glad to see the splash of color that I had to run in and get my camera to capture the first blooms! They remind me of a bright sunny day and they smell wonderful!

Hope you are all having a great week!


I am Harriet said...

Yeah...I'm still waiting on the sun room to pan out...I've got the picket fence. It's way easier to let dogs out into the yard when you're watching a game on TV when there's a fence.

Post your flowers this weekend on my weekend garden meme.

And, how dare you call our tiniest editor a "DIVA".

Mom said...

Love the lilies

Tammy said...

They sure do remind my of bright sunny days. I hope to see some blooms soon. Happy Spring

Unknown said...

GREAT PICTURES! I love the fence!

~Jamie said...

Wonderful pics as usual.
I am also dropping by to congratulate you on winning my giveaway. Please shoot me an email with your info! Hooray!

Lola said...

You need to check out Anastasia's lillies.


Veronica Lee said...

Once again, beautiful pics. Yellow is my fav colour too.

Memories Of Mine said...

Oh, I think you need to plant some of these yellow beauties in front of the white fence. they would look so pretty.


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