Monday, December 21, 2009

A Birthday Party, A Christmas Tea and A Sick Diva!

I know it is a long title for this post but I really didn't know what else to call it! I guess I could have called it Random Stuff but that really is not very creative now is it? Let me explain the title in detail!

Yesterday was our Christmas program at church and it was called Happy Birthday Jesus and we even had a birthday cake! The whole program was too awesome for words! The choir sang and the kids did a really cute drama! Now is the point where I would post some super cute photos but I was on stage the whole time and could not take photos so I only have a few to share! I know you are shocked by this but I am not super woman and I don't even try to be!

There was no nursery yesterday so the Knight was in charge of wrangling the Diva for the duration of the service (remember I was on stage the whole time)! It was fun to watch them interact from my vantage point until the Diva raised her hand in praise while I was supposed to be singing and I began to cry happy tears! What a precious sight! I did great until the little Wise men came in and they sent me into tears again! How cute were they?

By the afternoon, I realized the Diva was not feeling the best! She curled up on my lap in her holiday dress and princess shoes (all of which she refused to take off) and fell asleep! She napped for a couple of hours and only woke in time for me to head to my friend Laurie's Christmas tea party! I left for an hour or so to enjoy time with the ladies and what a great time it was! Lots of tea varieties and LOTS of homemade goodies! It was awesome and it was snowing while we were there! Talk about Christmas spirit!

Anyway, I got home and the Diva was still feeling bad so I gave her some Tylenol for the fever and she rested in my arms for the evening! We went to bed and in the night she spiked a fever and cried uncontrollably so it was a long night for all of us! I am exhausted and hoping to get her to nap soon so I can too!


Lin said...

I love the photo of your husband. It really captured him well. Hope everyone feels better for Christmas!

I am Harriet said...

Hi Jo.
It's nice to hear from you even though your baby isn't feeling well.

Best wishes for the holiday.
I hope you find something really nice under the tree.

Unknown said...

Sounds beautiful, but I am so sorry to hear that the diva was sick. Is she feeling better?


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