Friday, December 25, 2009

The Joy of Christmas Morn

First of all, please ignore the messy bed head that is being sported by the Diva and the Moody Teen! In the excitement of Christmas morn there was no primping for the mamarazzi this morning!

While it did not appear that there was much under our tree, when all was said and done the kiddos were pleased and that made me very happy!! The Diva is just now getting the hang of all this Christmas stuff since it is her third and quickly dug into the stocking like a champ!

Then came the presents! A new doll house with a family and furniture, a Dora Doll and blanket (from brother), a Frog and the Princess Doll (also from brother), The Memory game and Candyland, and Jenny her new doll (like American Girl only 10 times cheaper)! Jenny even got another outfit to become a pink princess!

And then there was the much coveted tea set and a book all about having a tea party!

All in all, she made out great and was very happy with everything she got! The Moody Teen also made out rather well! His BIG gift was a 1996 Chevy S10! It is red and has been lowered with new tires and a booming stereo! He is quite pleased! I had already purchased a few gifts for him when the Knight purchased the truck! First, he go a money counting jar (from the Diva)which he will need to collect all his spare change in to pay for gas and insurance for his truck! There are no free rides around here, ya know!!

He also got a couple of new hoodies and tees. Then there was the iPod Touch! I figured this would come in handy for tunes,games and movies to keep in occupied when he goes to New York, NY on spring break in a few months!

I got a new purse (from the Knight) and a coat, iTunes card and a pair of skinny jeans from the Moody Teen! He bought the jeans a size smaller than I normally buy and miraculously, THEY FIT! Go me!! Anyway now it is time to enjoy some good food and relax with a movie!

I pray that you are all having a wonderful day!!


Lin said...

Awwww, how cute everyone is on Christmas morning! Happy day for the Diva--sounds like she had a good bounty there! But I have one thing to say about Candyland---ARRRRGGHGHHH! (I HATED to play that with the kids. Goes on forever! Hint: stack the deck) To the Moody Teen: I know you are not going to listen to your parents, so take it from 17 year old Senior in H.S.: DO NOT BRING THE IPOD TOUCH TO SCHOOL!!!!!
Jo, cool on the skinny jeans!!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Memories Of Mine said...

My daughter got a princess frog doll too.

It looks like your family totally scored on the presents.

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas day.


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